Man Dressed As Elsa From Frozen Rescues Van Stuck In The Snow

It may not seem like it, but Disney's worldwide phenomenon Frozen was released almost five years ago. In that time, the film hasn't lost its cultural relevancy, although, as with anything popular, there has been some backlash. But people are still singing "Let it Go" and lining up in the Disney parks to meet Anna and Elsa. Fans are also still dressing up as the characters. One such person who recently dressed as Elsa showed that the Snow Queen is more than just magic tricks; she is totally willing to roll up her sleeves and hop into the snow drifts to help the common man. Take a look.

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Wow, who knew that when you get stuck in the snow, all you have to do to get free is call a fairy tale queen to work her magic. This Facebook video is entertaining and raises quite a few questions about the situation. First off, was this guy dressed in drag as Elsa already, or did he just see the Boston PD vehicle in need and thought, "Wait, I have something for this!" and donned his snow rescue attire? And if this man was already wearing his Arendelle finest that evening, what are the odds that he just happened to be nearby when the vehicle got stuck and was the only one to come out and help? I also love that this Elsa either didn't have a jacket with him, or he decided "If I'm going out into the snow, I'm going to look the part'" and didn't wear it.

It's hilarious how useless all the people inside are, just laughing and enjoying the show, cheering Elsa on instead of helping. Of course, if they had helped, we might not have had this wonderful video, so I suppose not coming to the aid of royalty was a net win in this case. I can't imagine what the police officers driving the vehicle thought as this guy dressed in drag as a Disney princess came to their aid and directed them out of the snow. The best part is that this Elsa actually manages to get the vehicle unstuck and on its way, proving the Snow Queen's mastery over the winter weather. And the icing on top is at the end, when the guy, remembering what he was wearing and his character, delivers a sashay and curtsy to the audience.

This isn't the last we will be seeing of people dressing up as Elsa either, as Frozen 2 on the way. As if there was ever any doubt that it would happen, the sequel film began recording last year. Frozen 2 is currently scheduled for release on November 27, 2019. Check out our guide to see all of Disney's upcoming animated movies, and for all the latest in movie character drag queen heroics, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

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