What's Happening With Frozen 2, According To Kristen Bell

Anna on a boat in Frozen

Disney animated featured have been money making crowd favorites for decades. While this success has come to be expected, 2013's Frozen took things to new heights. The sister-focused musical blockbuster became a major pop culture moment, and the mania around Anna and Elsa's journey in Arendelle hasn't let up in the years since. Since Frozen's happy ending concluded in the original movie, the generations of fans have been eagerly anticipated a new sequel. Frozen 2 slowly developing, but luckily we have a sliver of information about where the sequel currently stands. Actress Kristen Bell briefly spoke about Frozen 2, saying:

I have recorded the movie. There will be edits before it's finished but I know the songs, I know the story, it's very good --- I can't say much more than that or I'll get in trouble!

It looks like much of Kristen Bell's dialogue for Frozen 2 is already in the can, meaning that things are really speeding up over at Disney. And while it doesn't sound like she's recorded the highly anticipated new musical numbers, Bell does seem to have learned her music in preparation for getting it all done. That news is enough to get most self respecting fans chills, and the need to re-listen to the Frozen soundtrack.

Kristen Bell's comments from The Ellen Degeneres Show more or less echo the little bit of information about Frozen 2 that has been public. I actually spoke to Bell for CinemaBlend back in October, where she revealed that there will of course be new songs, and also teased that the new character being introduced will make us fall in love with them. Unfortunately, we haven't the slightest idea about who those new characters could be.

While fans have been waiting for years for Frozen 2 to finally arrive, there hasn't been a lack of content out there revolving around Anna and Elsa. The sisters and the rest of the cast recently starred in Olaf's Frozen Adventure. Unfortunately that short was panned, and promptly pulled from showings of Coco. Still, it helped to bridge the gap between the two movies.

Theater fans will also be pleased because the highly anticipated Broadway musical version of Frozen is about to open. Those visiting of living near New York will be able to see the first movie's events told live on stage, with Disney magic helping to create Elsa's powers and bring puppetry bringing Olaf to life. Clearly Frozen has never really gone anywhere, and it looks like the franchise is going to stick around for the foreseeable future.

Frozen 2 will finally arrive in theaters on November 27, 2019. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Corey Chichizola
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