Ex-Han Solo Director Phil Lord Dropped A Great, Subtle Joke About What Happened

The LEGO Movie in Space

It's been nearly a year since Phil Lord and Chris Miller unexpectedly left the Han Solo movie, but they've been busy in the time since. They worked on a TV pilot, but also The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, which is finally releasing footage. Recently the trailer dropped, giving us a look at some of the more space-oriented moments in its plot, and Phil Lord, who is a producer on the movie, could not resist the opportunity to make a joke about it that ties in with Solo. Check it out.

It was just yesterday that The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part dropped its full trailer, and it introduced us to the plot of the new movie, which picks up in Bricksburg after the city dealt with the catastrophic events of Taco Tuesday. Well, there's a new villain in town, and it looks as if Wildstyle and Emmet are heading into space. Of course, that's the perfect opportunity for a subtle nod at Phil Lord and Chris Miller's previous movie outing, the flick which became Solo: A Star Wars Story. There's also a great comment below the post from someone going by Blake, which takes the joke up a notch. He said:

Improv allowed on this one!

Phil Lord and Chris Miller have both done a good job of taking their firing by Lucasfilm in stride, and not seeming overly bothered by what happened. This joke is another example of Lord striking the right tone between not forgetting about his work on the movie, but still being able to joke about it, which might be why they were hired for the movie that became Solo: A Star Wars Story in the first place. At the time, reports indicated that the directors' penchant for overly using improvisation and disorganization may have led them to part ways with the studio; however, they retained an executive producer credit on the film, and said they were proud of what they were able to achieve on the movie.

Of course, perhaps Phil Lord and Chris Miller really should have the last laugh. People who see Ron Howard's Solo: A Star Wars Movie generally seem to have liked it, but getting people to the theater has been a problem for Disney and Lucasfilm over the past couple of weeks. In fact, the movie is going to go on to lose money, a fate that The LEGO Movie 2 will likely/probably/hopefully not have. The 2014 flick The LEGO Movie was reportedly made on a $60 million budget and went on to rake in over $469 million worldwide. We'll have to wait and see if the sequel does as well when it hits theaters early in 2019, but at least we know the marketing for the movie so far has been pretty clever. For now, take a look at what is headed to theaters this summer with our full guide.

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