What Jeremy Renner’s Two Broken Arms On Tag Actually Looked Like

Just because kids play it doesn't mean it isn't a dangerous game. Jeremy Renner found this out the hard way last year on the set of Tag when, early into filming, he broke not one, but both of his arms doing a stunt. We've heard the injury required Jeremy Renner to wear green screen sleeves over his arms to finish the scene he was injured on to allow time for his injuries to set. So when you go see Tag, you won't see his casts, but if you're curious or just want a reminder of what a badass he is, take a look below to see what Jeremy Renner's broken arms actually looked like:

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Yikes! I'm not sure what kind of fall would have resulted in two broken arms like that, but I'm guessing it wasn't fun. At least Jeremy Renner has a smirk on his face in this picture, not letting what is no doubt a difficult injury to deal with get him down. Although Jeremy Renner actually told Entertainment Weekly that he didn't even realize that they were broken when it happened. His left arm doesn't look quite as bad, and the injury looks more towards his wrist, but that right arm is far more conspicuous and was probably more difficult to work around. It also looks like his mobility must have been fairly limited when the casts were on. You can definitely see how these broken arms wouldn't be easy to hide, but fortunately, they only needed to use CGI on his arms in one scene.

You would think that injuries to both arms this early in production would have been disastrous, yet, as Jeremy Renner says in this Instagram post, you have to stand up more times than you fall down, and the actor did just that. Despite his important role in the film as the only one of the group who has never been tagged, production wasn't shut down to give the actor time to heal. Jeremy Renner simply sucked it up and toughed it out to get the job done.

After filming was done on Tag, Jeremy Renner didn't get to go home and rest either. He went straight into filming on Avengers 4, where his character, Hawkeye, will finally be seen again. Proving his professionalism and toughness, the actor still performed all of his bow and arrow scenes with arms that weren't fully healed. That couldn't have been easy or pleasant, but Jeremy Renner just worked hard in physical therapy and pushed through the pain, just like Hawkeye would do.

Tag runs into theaters on June 15. Check out our guide to see all of the other big releases in a positively stacked month of June. For all the latest in brutal injuries and the relative merits of standard tag, freeze and catch one catch all, stay tuned to CinemaBlend.

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