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Solo: A Star Wars Story

The box office news for Solo: A Star Wars Story has not been good and in its third weekend of release, things are not getting any better. The newest Star Wars movie might come up far shorter than any previous live-action Star Wars movie. So far, Solo has only grossed $176 million at the domestic box office, which makes one wonder if it will even make it to $200 million total before its theatrical run comes to an end.

Solo: A Star Wars Story's box office total was good enough for second place this past weekend, but it was with an anemic $15 million, which Forbes points out, is a total the more recent Star Wars movies were still doing per day at this point in their run. With Disney's next big summer movie, Incredibles 2 on the horizon, you can pretty much be done with Solo at this point. It will continue to limp along for the next several weeks, and may still break $200 million before it's done, but if that happens, it will be just barely.

It seems bizarre that we're talking about a Star Wars movie not hitting a number at the box office that the other movies in the series have hit, or come close to, on their opening weekend. However, the expectations are greatly increased when it comes to this particular franchise. These aren't viewed as simply movies but events. Solo's box office still puts it as the fifth highest grossing movie of the year, and while some major blockbusters to come will certainly put it lower on the list by December, the total is still one that a lot of movies would beg for.

Part of the issue, in this case, is that Solo: A Star Wars Story was a more expensive movie to produce than was expected. Due to the massive amount of reshooting that came when Lucasfilm decided to change directors in the middle of production, Solo is likely one of the more expensive movies made in recent memory, though no official numbers have been released so we don't really know for sure. A movie like A Quiet Place has only grossed about $10 million more than Solo, but since it was a lot cheaper to produce, it's considered a hit while Solo may lose money.

It will be interesting to see exactly how Lucasfilm decides to respond to this performance. Will they press on as planned with the various other spinoff movies that are rumored and expected to arrive, or will this change the way the franchise goes to market after Star Wars: Episode IX arrives in 2019? With the success other parts of the franchise have had Lucasfilm can certainly afford to make films that aren't overnight sensations, but are they willing to do that?