If there's any fandom that exemplifies the diverse nature of opinions within a selected intellectual property, it has to be Star Wars. Depending on when you came into the fandom, which films you prefer or even something as simple as which order you prefer to watch the films in, you're going to have a unique opinion on what constitutes as the series' best form. Among those important opinions throughout the fandom, there's one that probably places highly on the list of priorities for any fan's rankings, and that's picking out the worst moment in the Star Wars saga.

So naturally, it seems like a good idea to take a sampling of moments from the entire Star Wars galaxy and ask that hard question of ourselves, as well as you, the public. After reading through the nominees for the worst moment from each film, you'll be able to not only vote on that honor from the moments listed, but you'll also be able to discuss any alternate and/or additional candidates in our comments section. The gloves are off and the Star Wars universe is up for grabs, as we run down the nominees for the absolute worst moment in Star Wars history.

The Phantom Menace - "Pee-yousa"

One of the more majestic moments of The Phantom Menace was the introduction of Podracing. With a huge scope, some tender moments between Anakin and Qui-Gon and even a gigantic sounding theme from the legendary John Williams, there's a lot in this sequence to actually admire. But it all comes crashing down in one brief, dismal moment when a local creature lets out a bout of flatulence, and everyone's favorite Gungan to hate, Jar Jar Binks, responds to this happening with one ill-fated word: "Pee-yousa." As if it wasn't bad enough that this character existed, the moments where he dropped special one-liners or implied wisdom only cheapened this film, and made Jar Jar all the more annoying.

Attack Of The Clones - Anakin's Seduction Of Padme By The Lake

Pick-up lines in our galaxy are already cheesy and difficult enough for anyone who dares to use them in their attempts to win a mate. However, if you think you have it rough, you should see how Anakin Skywalker tries to win over Senator Padme in Attack of the Clones. Not knowing much about the universe outside of Tatooine before he became a Jedi, he certainly hasn't seemed to have learned much more between the first two episodes of the Prequel trilogy, as his big pitch for Padme to become his betrothed involves a comparison of her oh-so-smooth skin to the coarse sands of his childhood home. Throw in some awkward line reads courtesy of Hayden Christensen, and you have got a perfect storm of fail.

Revenge Of The Sith - NOOOOOOOOO

If the prequel trilogy was a baseball game, and Darth Vader was a player at bat, he'd never make it past home base. Strike one has to be the young and ridiculously cutesy portrayal that we saw in The Phantom Menace, with that second strike coming from the creepy/whiny Padawan that he becomes in Attack of the Clones. Which leaves Revenge of the Sith to deliver the final, damning strike against the character, and there are so many potential candidates to choose from. But only one can be the straw that broke the Jedi Order, and without question, it has to be the newly suited Vader screaming, "NOOOOOOOOO!" after learning of Padme's death during childbirth. Way to rob a new generation of any sort of respect for the Sith, guys.

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