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Incredibles 2 The Parr family protected in Violet's force field

It's finally here, and it's about time, too! Incredibles 2 has arrived in theaters, and everyone can finally see what's next in the epic saga of the Parr family's super-powered lives. It's a day that has been teased, dangled, and eventually delivered after a little over a decade of waiting. So naturally, it needs to be discussed in a public forum, with a diverse audience of spectators, which is why it's once again time to rate and discuss what's new at the movies!

Critically, the film is doing rather well, with a wide variety of opinions on just how well Incredibles 2 measures up to Pixar's recent history, as well as the shadow of its own predecessor. Our own Eric Eisenberg reviewed the film, and his evaluation was a pretty pleasing one, as he had this to say:

Prior to this latest effort, Brad Bird made what can unequivocally be called two of Pixar's best movies. Now that statement can be updated to say that he's made three of Pixar's best.

But of course, it's not just up to the critics to decide how good Incredibles 2 really is, and it's time for you, the viewing public, to start gathering your thoughts on how well you liked the film. For starters, we'd like you to consider the following discussion questions that dive right into the heart of what people will be talking about with Incredibles 2.

Was Incredibles 2 worth the wait?

Is Incredibles 2 better, as good as, or worse than The Incredibles?

How long did it take you to figure out The Screenslaver's true identity?

Who was your favorite new character / Super?

Are you pro or anti Superhero legalization?

Would you want to see an Incredibles 3? If so, what new territory do you think a second sequel could tread?

How hard did you cry during Bao, the short before Incredibles 2? (No judgements. We're all human here.)

As you formulate your answers, keep in mind that you'll be able to share them along with another very important factor: your numerical rating of the film's success. On the classic scale of 0 to 5, please rate how good of a movie you feel Incredibles 2 is, in your opinion.

How Many Stars Would You Give Incredibles 2?

Before we send you out into the wild, to potentially see Incredibles 2 (again), we'd like to suggest some additional reading that'll help enrich any revisitations to the film. We'll start off with our discussion involving the ever-charming Bob Odenkirk, who plays Winston Deavor - the millionaire obsessed with making Supers legal again! In particular, you can see how he distanced his smooth-talking character from another character who's pretty persuasive in his own right, Better Call Saul's Saul Goodman. Also, writer/director/super-genius Brad Bird gave us some details on the previous drafts of Incredibles 2, which eventually gave way to the very film we're able to watch in theaters now, and he also shared his thoughts on how he feels about any potential Marvel/Incredibles crossovers. Last, but not least, you can read the thoughts of OG Incredibles cast-members, and how they did or did not keep the faith that Incredibles 2 would ever happen, over the long wait.

And that's it for Incredibles 2's rate and discuss section! The comments are open for business, so feel free to share your thoughts, answers, and ratings with us below! We'll be back next week, as we'll be here to discuss an adventure 65 million and 25 years in the making with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.