Warning: Spoilers for the Jurassic World series are in play. If you haven't caught either film, and want to avoid spoilers, RUUUUUUUN to another story.

It's been three years since Jurassic World reintroduced audiences to John Hammond's dream, and only a few short days since Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom's epic events took their first bow on domestic screens. However, if the past has taught us anything, it's that there are still going to be some brutal dino deaths taking place in the world of the failed theme park and its resident attractions. So much as we did with Jurassic Park's trilogy of deaths, we're going to run through the unlucky bastards of this current generation of dino-mayhem. If you want to see the honored and not-so-honored dead from the Jurassic Park trilogy, you can visit their exploits here. From here on out though, it's all about the present, so let's get started.

The Indominous Paddock Supervisor / Park Worker

Who They Were: To work in any Carnivore paddock, there's most assuredly a thought cast towards the possibility that one day, you could become dinosaur chow. In the case of the Indominous Rex, there was one park worker, as well as the paddock supervisor, that worked with the beast. Their job was to make sure it was contained and fed - and at the very least, they got part of that job right.

How They Died: Just when Jurassic World seems to be falling into its groove of safe theme park-style bliss, the sociopathic Indominous lures Owen Grady, the paddock supervisor, and a park worker, into its pen. Before long, the human side of this equation starts to catch wise that this creature that can cloak itself is hiding out, waiting for some human munchies. All three humans run for the open door, with the park worker getting picked up and munched first, and the paddock supervisor getting snatched from under a truck and eaten off camera.

Brutal Death Rating: 3 - We don't see these deaths on camera, and what little we know seems quick and painless for both of these gentlemen. Next time you're applying for a job, be sure to check the responsibilities of the post really carefully.

The Asset Containment Unit Team

Who They Were: A team of eight Asset Containment Unit employees, lead by a man named Hamada, whose sole job was to apprehend the Indominous Rex by any non-lethal means necessary. These guys are the crack commandos that can normally take down the hearty beasts of the island with tranquilizers, so they can be put back in their pens. Normally.

How They Died: Active camoflage to the rescue again. The escaped I-Rex cloaked herself in the jungle, just waiting for someone like Hamada to find her removed tracker. In the time it took him to shout, "IT CAN CAMOFLAGE!" the dinosaur trampled Hamada, and then proceeded to lay waste to most of the ACU team by either striking them with her large tail, or in one case, chomping down on someone like a Snickers bar.

Brutal Death Rating: 4 - Besides one severely bloody death that we get some gruesome blood spatter out of, these guys got off pretty light.

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