Halloween: Resurrection Actress Was Kidnapped And Held For Ransom

Halloween Resurrection Thomas Ian Nicholas Daisy McCracken sitting in class

It's a weird, crazy world out there, even for actors in TV and movies. For instance, take actor Daisy McCracken, a cast member in the 2002 installment of the Halloween franchise: Halloween: Resurrection. As it turns out, last year saw she and another actor being subjected to violent and inhumane treatment, as two men kidnapped them, with weapons and ransom demands in tow. Indictments being handed now, so details on the case have been revealed. And they're pretty rough.

Variety broke the news pertaining to the case, which laid out how Daisy McCracken and fellow actor Joseph Capone were abducted from her home last May, and taken to another location. Out of the two, Capone was treated the worst, as he was repeatedly kicked and beaten when trying to protect his fellow hostage, eventually being stripped naked and held in a bathtub for 30 hours without food. The ordeal's endgame was apparently a $10,000 ransom that the captors demanded Daisy McCracken withdraw from her bank the next day, as well as her 2011 Lexus, which was stolen in the process. McCracken called the police once she was returned home, which lead to the investigation currently reported.

Even for someone with an extensive resume in the horror genre, this entire happening must have been traumatic to Daisy McCracken, as even having faced off against Halloween's Michael Myers isn't enough to prepare a person for true villainy and harm exhibited by her kidnappers.

You'd think that these kidnappers would have watched a couple more movies before their attempted crime, because apparently they failed to conceal their tracks effective enough so as not to be captured. They were promptly arrested, and now Daisy McCracken and Joseph Capone can attempt to seek justice after their traumatic deal.

Daisy McCraken has most recently been seen on the TV show Jane The Virgin, as well as the motion picture Delirium, which could be how the actor was targeted for such heinous acts. Or, the indicted parties may be such fans of the Halloween series that they have seen Halloween: Resurrection one too many times, and thought she'd be a worthy target. Whatever the case, we would like to extend our sincerest hopes that both Daisy McCracken and Joseph Capone are recovering, and that their captors are now in custody and will be given due process through the justice system.

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