The DC universe is going in a radically different direction with the development of the Joaquin Phoenix-fronted standalone Joker movie. The Todd Phillips-directed solo spinoff will shine a never-before-seen light on the classic villain's past, and that means offering up a look at Gotham City that's decidedly different from anything previous DC movies have done before.

Of course, that idea also has us wondering what characters could potentially show up to flesh out the Joker movie's supporting cast. On the heels of the recent Collider report that the film may feature Thomas Wayne in a supporting role, we have put together a list of other Batman characters who could show up as well. On that note, let's dive in with a Gotham criminal whose existence predates the arrival of The Bat or The Clown.

Carmine Falcone

Before Bruce Wayne returned to Gotham City after his years training abroad, a traditional mafia existed in DC's most crime-ridden city. At the head of it all was none other than mob boss Carmine Falcone, who ruled the underworld with an iron fist before The Bat arrived to systematically deconstruct it. We still do not fully know when the Joker solo movie will take place on the overarching DC timeline, but if it's an origin movie then we can reasonably assume that it takes place fairly early within the chronology of the Batman mythos, which means someone like Falcone (or even Salvatore Maroni) could still be around to give some orders to mob thugs.

Arnold Flass

Fans of Batman Begins will likely recognize the name Arnold Flass, as he's Jim Gordon's corrupt partner in Christopher Nolan's original Batman movie, as well as in the pages of Frank Miller's Year One. A dirty cop who moonlights as an enforcer for the mafia to make some extra money, the comic book version of Flass is a burley ex-soldier with deep connections to the criminal underworld. With all of those qualities (and many more), this makes him an ideal henchman to show up and flex some muscle in a story presumably taking place in the earlier portions of the Batman DC universe timeline.

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