Is Gotham Adapting Batman's Classic No Man's Land Storyline?

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We're now in the back half of Gotham's fourth season, which means everything is building towards another remarkable and baffling climax. Gotham City is shaping up to get even more intense, and some severe destruction could be on the horizon. In fact, the finale's episode title seems to suggest that we may see an adaptation of Batman's classic No Man's Land story arc cap off Season 4, to possible extend to future episodes.

Fox has confirmed that the title of the upcoming Season 4 finale for Gotham will be "No Man's Land," according to, which is undeniably badass, since it indicates a small screen version of the iconic No Man's Land comic narrative could play out over the course of the final Season 4 episode. And depending on what elements are introduced, and how important they're set up to be, it might just lay the groundwork for Season 5 to get even more in-depth with the city-damning tale.

As the No Man's Land title suggests, the story focuses on Gotham City being plunged into chaos after a devastating earthquake levels much of the landscape. The United States government abandons the already crime-ridden metropolis, which forces Batman, The Bat Family, and the remaining members of the Gotham City Police Department to forge a ragtag resistance against the emboldened criminal element.

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That's where things could get interesting for Gotham's take on No Man's Land. Some cast members have noted that the show is going to bring the real Joker into the mix, and having a city already plunged into chaos when he arrives would make sense to launch his legit tenure on the show. Then there's also the recent report of a new Scarecrow actor having been cast, which means that we could also see elements of the video game Arkham Knight (which told a No Man's Land-esque story with Scarecrow at the center) adapted as well.

If Gotham adapts No Man's Land, it will be the first time that the story has been used in a show like that. Elements of No Man's Land have shown up in several other Batman and DC properties over the years, of course. Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises loosely adapted the storyline, and the DNA of No Man's Land has been used several times over the course of Arrow's run on The CW -- particularly the Season 1 finale, which saw Malcolm Merlyn cause a devastating earthquake in then-Starling City. Now, with No Man's Land potentially coming to Gotham, the title of the episode implies the Bat-prequel will directly embrace the source material in ways that we haven't seen before.

Gotham airs new episodes on Fox every Thursday at 8 p.m. ET. Make sure to follow along as well near the potential No Man's Land adaptation, and head over to CinemaBlend's midseason premiere guide to check out all of the other premiere debuts that are right around the corner!

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