Shirtless Jeff Goldblum From Jurassic Park Has A Giant Statue In London

There may be no more iconic image from the entire Jurassic Park franchise than shirtless Jeff Goldblum. The shot of an open-shirted Dr. Ian Malcolm from the original Jurassic Park has been everything from a meme to a Funko Pop toy, and now, in celebration of the film's 25th anniversary, the moment is now a statue sitting in front of the Tower Bridge in London. Check it out.

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The statue is the creation of UK streaming service Now TV who apparently decided the best way to celebrate the birthday of Jurassic Park was with a nearly 25-foot long statue commemorating it's most famous moment. No, not a lawyer being eaten off a toilet by a Tyrannosaurus Rex, but an injured Jeff Goldblum with no shirt. According to Cnet, The statue comes in at about 23-feet long and about 10-feet high and weighs 330 pounds.

The statue is an impressive feat and it's utterly hilarious that somebody actually commissioned a statue of this size to celebrate a moment like this. Although, it should be said the statue's face leaves a little something to be desired. It doesn't really look like Jeff Goldblum. Perhaps if the actor wasn't feeling well.

The scene takes place following the aforementioned T.Rex attack. Jeff Goldblum's Dr. Ian Malcolm was successfully able to rescue the children from the dinosaur, though, not without sustaining an injury to his leg. After the characters have successfully made it back to the main Jurassic Park control room, Malcolm is having his injury tended to, which makes sense, though, his shirt has been completely unbuttoned, which makes less sense. Certainly, performing basic first aid to a leg injury doesn't require one to take off a shirt. He doesn't take off his pants, which would make somewhat more sense.

Of course, when you look at the picture, you understand why the decision was made. Now TV posted a fantastic video to Twitter which basically shows what we're all thinking.

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These feel like pretty extreme lengths to go to point out that you can now stream Jurassic Park on the UK service, but hey, to each their own.

Jeff Goldblum has spoken at length about the now famous scene and he claims he doesn't actually remember whether showing off the chest was a Steven Spielberg idea or a Jeff Goldblum idea. Either way, it's unlikely anybody knew just what they were creating when they made the decision.

Those who want to relive the moment, (again and again if that's your thing) can apparently watch it on Now TV in the UK. Jurassic Park is also currently streaming on Netflix in the US.

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