One Deadpool 2 Star Who Wants To Cross Over With The New Mutants

Colossus and Magik

At one point, there were supposed to be three of Fox's X-Men films releasing in 2018: Deadpool 2, The New Mutants and X-Men: Dark Phoenix. Ultimately that didn't happen, and Deadpool 2 will be our only big screen mutant fix this year. But for one Deadpool 2 star, he's hoping to share more than a calendar year with another X-Men film: he wants cross over. Stefan Kapicic, who voiced Colossus in Deadpool 2, wants to cross over with The New Mutants for a little Rasputin family reunion, as he explained:

I'm waiting for Colossus to meet his sister Illyana, Magik. And New Mutants comes out next year, so I'm hoping we'll have Rasputins back together in a movie. So we'll see what's going to happen, but I'm really counting on that. That would be really fantastic to see.

Clearly Stefan Kapicic has done his research to know that the popular Colossus has a younger, lesser known sister who is also a mutant hero. Knowing that Magik will be making her debut in The New Mutants, he is hoping for a sibling crossover, and it's hard to blame him. We don't know the goals of Fox's X-verse as far as becoming a fully shared universe are concerned (things have been kept at arms length so far), but uniting these two siblings, Piotr and Illyana, is one of the most natural crossovers the films could make. As Stefan Kapicic told Red Carpet News TV, this would be fantastic to see and it would also make sense from a story perspective to see two wayward siblings reunited. It would make for a great dramatic moment while also providing the potential for a fun sibling team up in battle.

Colossus has been a part of the X-Men films for a while, with his role growing in the Deadpool films, but we haven't met Magik on the big screen yet. That will change when The New Mutants releases next year, with Anya Taylor-Joy taking on the role. One of the things that make X-Men stories really special is that they are often about families, the ones you're born with and the ones you choose. So seeing these real siblings come together as they have in the comics would be really cool. There are no guarantees this would happen, it's just one actors wish at this point. But with Deadpool 2's success and The New Mutants on the way ,it would seem that the X-verse could naturally grow to allow for this onscreen reunion. However, there are a few caveats to such an event.

For one, Colossus is currently a player in the Deadpool films. The Merc with a Mouth's movies have heart and serious moments, but they are largely comedic affairs. Everything we've seen from The New Mutants indicates that there will not be many laughs in that movie, but there may be a few screams. So the tonal contrast might be a challenge. Although Colossus is a serious character, so he could probably show up in a New Mutants sequel and it would work. There is also the Disney-Fox deal, which is looking increasingly likely, and we have no idea what Disney may want to do with the mutants once it has them.

You can catch Colossus throwing down again when the Deadpool 2 Super Duper $@%!#& Cut releases on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD on August 21. We'll get to know his sister Magik when The New Mutants releases in theaters on August 2, 2019.

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