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The classic Aquaman look from the comics is one that tends to get a lot of criticism today, which made it pretty surprising to learn that look would be part of the new Aquaman movie. Over this past weekend at San Diego Comic-Con we saw an upcoming toy that put Jason Momoa's version of Aquaman in the classic orange and green outfit and fans in attendance at the Warner Bros. panel got an exclusive look at how the outfit will look in the film. Now, DC's Geoff Johns has explained how this came about. Apparently, it's all thanks to director James Wan. According to Johns...

Well James Wan you know he really picked out...he's an amazing director and he said 'I want to do Aquaman', and he loves the classic Aquaman. So the Seahorses, the Ocean Master, ya know the orange chainmail, he wanted to do all of that. It was really, he was like 'I want to see the iconic Aquaman', and there's, you can see there's kind of more blonde in Jason's hair even.

Aquaman is one of those characters that has always been, to some degree, the butt of jokes. A hero whose primary ability is that he can talk to sea creatures, rather than have super strength or shoot lasers from eyes, certainly doesn't seem quite on the same level as some of DC's other heroes. At the same time, comic book fans love tradition, and that means that the classic Aquaman look is the Aquaman look for a lot of fans who grew up reading the character.

It seems that one of those people who has a connection to the classic Aquaman is James Wan, the director of the film. This meant that he wanted to see Aquaman riding seahorses and wearing the outfit he remembered. As Geoff Johns told comicbook.com, he even apparently wanted to see Aquaman as a blonde, as he was back in the day, and it's true that there is a lot of blonde in Jason Momoa's hair that wasn't there in Justice League.

Aquaman blonde

While most of us haven't had a chance to see the full orange and green costume in the film itself, the action figure version looks pretty good and fans of classic Aquaman will certainly have something to look forward to. We'll have to wait and see if Warner Bros. decides to reveal the costume to the world in a future trailer or if it will be held until the movie hits theaters this December.