New Aquaman Toy Offers Best Look At Jason Momoa In Exciting Costume

The DCEU is heading for the seven seas later this year with the debut of James Wan's Aquaman. It's a film that will offer up a look at an undersea world unlike anything that we have seen on the big screen before, but it also looks like the film may draw from classic DC Comics source material to inform some of its design. Specifically, CinemaBlend is in the midst of a special VIP tour of the floor at San Diego Comic-Con, and a teased first-look at an Aquaman Hot Toy action figure promises his classic orange and green armor from the comics. Check out the toy, below!

aquaman suit dc comic-con hot toys jason momoa

Clearly, that's a far cry from the more muted metallic color palette from Justice League. However, while some toys are known for taking creative liberties with their look and style, a rep from the Hot Toys booth has confirmed that it is faithful to the look in the movie -- though Warner Bros. has neither confirmed nor denied this yet. So, based on what we have seen so far, there's a case to be made that Jason Momoa is going classic Arthur Curry in the upcoming Aquaman solo movie!

This more or less lines up with other evidence that we have seen that suggests the eventual arrival of the orange and green suit. In fact, earlier this month we saw other photos that similarly hinted at the arrival of the comic book-accurate wardrobe. However, now we have actually had a chance to see these toys up close and personal, and we are very impressed.

The overall shift towards a more colorful outfit for Jason Momoa's Arthur Curry (if it truly is going to happen in the movie, that is) makes a lot of sense in the grand scheme of things. The DCEU proved incredibly polarizing in its first two installments, as Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice both drew criticism for their dark tones. By contrast, Wonder Woman received ample praise for its bright color palette and sense of optimism, and the ending of Justice League seemed to imply that as the new direction for many of the DCEU's most beloved heroes. With that in mind, with someone like Arthur about to get his own movie, it looks like we can expect something very bright, colorful, and different from any other DC movie that we have seen before.

James Wan's Aquaman will hit theaters later this year on December 21. As for this weekend, make sure to stay tuned, because DC is bringing a lot of awesome updates to San Diego as Comic-Con shifts into high gear. After all, the Aquaman trailer is right around the corner, and we know that many of you have been waiting to see what it has in store!

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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