Why Power Rangers Decided To Include The Classic Theme Song

The Power Rangers with the Zords in the background

Although it was released back in March, it seems that we've only continued to discuss and dissect Power Rangers. Dean Israelite's live action adaption of the classic 90s show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was praised for its John Hughes-inspired feel, and inclusive cast of Rangers. Fans of the original series were treated to modern adaptations of the titular Rangers, Zordon, and the city of Angel Grove. Homage was paid to the significance Mighty Morphin on pop culture, and perhaps no moment was quite as obvious as when the Zords took off, as the original theme song played in the background. And we know how and why that moment was included.

Now that Power Rangers is currently available for home release, there are oodles of special features that will cue us into how the film was created. In the commentary by Dean Israelite (via Power Rangers Now), the director recalls the process and deliberation of including the classic theme song into the blockbuster.

Oh, the theme was a big debate. Should we keep it, shouldn't we keep it? But at the preview screenings, we watched it play, and it felt so good in the moment. And I like what [Gatkins] said -- that it honors the show for 25 years in the moment that we've now culminated in them morphing. So they morph, and it's not about culminating these 2 hours, but it's about culminating these 24 years and paying respect to all that.

I've got agree with Dean Israelite on this one. While the use of the equally repetitive and iconic theme song might have seemed a bit on the nose, the context of its inclusion within the film made the moment feel organic and exciting for the audience.

While Power Rangers is named after the team of young superheroes, the titular group didn't have it together for the majority of the film. The teenagers with attitude were unable to morph throughout most of the movie, as they weren't truly operating as a team. So when they finally united over the loss of Billy (spoiler alert... but he's fine), the group finally became a unit, and morphed into their super suited alter egos.

And once the group was finally morphed and taking their slow motion walk toward the camera, they hopped into their robotic Zords and took off to protect their city from Rita Repulsa (Elizabeth Banks). It's in this triumphant and long awaited moment and the iconic theme song from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was played, giving 20 somethings the sense of nostalgia they showed up in theaters for.

It should be interesting to see whether or not Power Rangers is given a sequel. While the film was a pop culture event, it didn't make the money that the studio was hoping for. But since fan interest still remains high, there still may be hope.

You can currently purchase a home copy of Power Rangers, and be sure to check out our 2017 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Corey Chichizola
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