Which Celebrity Should Play The Green Ranger In The Next Power Rangers Movie, According To Becky G

Rihanna in This Is The End

If you've been paying attention to the world of TV and film production, you'll notice one trend that is making major moolah over the past few years: nostalgia. It seems like no classic property is safe from being revived or rebooted, giving audiences a chance to return a simpler time. And this was surely the case with Dean Israelite's Power Rangers, which took the classic characters and settings from the campy 90s kids show, and adapted it for a modern audience. The film's cliffhanger teased the future appearance of Tommy Oliver (aka the Green/ White Ranger), and one cast member thinks the role should be played by none other than international pop star and budding actress Rihanna.

I recently had the privilege to speak with Power Rangers actress Becky G, who played Trini the Yellow Ranger. When I asked her who she thought should play Tommy in a possible sequel film, she declared:

Rihanna. That would be awesome. I think she'd kill it.

Looks like Becky G found a Green Ranger in a hopeless place. And with Rihanna becoming a more seasoned actress with each role, she may be ready to lead a big budget blockbuster like Power Rangers 2.

Since Tommy Oliver was teased in Power Rangers' post-credits scene, fans have been wondering who might play the fan favorite character. And while Tommy was originally a ponytail-clad male and love interest for Kimberly, the new cast of Power Rangers (including Becky G) has been open about wanting a female actress to take the role. Tons of changes were made to the original five Rangers, so it seems like Dean Israelite can do just about anything, provided a sequel is greenlit.

While Rihanna might be an unlikely choice for the Green Ranger, she's been doing a fair amount of acting work lately. The singer began taking acting projects are far back as 2012, with supporting roles in movies like Battleship and This Is The End. She most recent took on the iconic role of Marion Crane in Bates Motel. Additionally, she'll appear in the highly anticipated Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, as well as the all-star cast of Ocean's Eight. So while naysayers may doubt Rihanna's acting ability, she's certainly been booking work in the business.

Unfortunately, it's unclear if Rihanna, or anyone else for that matter, will be able to take on a role in Power Rangers' sequel, as it has yet to be announced by the studio. The fresh adaptation wasn't quite the blockbuster hit that was anticipated, raking in $140.2 million on a $100 million budget. Dean Israelite has since claimed that the film's PG-13 rating likely hurt its box office performance, as the Power Rangers brand is historically geared toward children.

But considering the inclusive cast, including a strong performance by Becky G herself, I'm hoping that a sequel is indeed produced. We just didn't get enough bonafide ranger time in Power Rangers, and I'm ready to see how they expand the narrative.

Power Rangers is currently available for home purchase.

Corey Chichizola
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