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Crazy Rich Asians Could Make More Money Opening Weekend Than We Thought

Crazy Rich Asians Constance Wu and cast.

Crazy Rich Asians is hitting theaters today, popping up just a couple of days ahead of the Mark Wahlberg starrer Mile 22. It looks like the early release may pay off. Early tracking estimated the new rom-com and family-oriented movie might only make around $18 million over the weekend, but since then those estimates have grown quite a bit. Now, we've learned Crazy Rich Asians could make $26 or more during its opening days.

Early estimates for the movie indicated that Crazy Rich Asians would likely lose to Mile 22 at the box office -- and that's even though Crazy Rich Asians is opening on a Wednesday and will have a few more days to get fans into seats. However, that seems to be changing with the new box office estimates. While $26 million is the number being touted by outlets like THR, there's an expectation that the new movie, which stars the first fully Asian-cast movie coming out of Hollywood since The Joy Luck Club came out in 1993, could do even higher numbers during its 5-day opening.

Of course, Crazy Rich Asians will have some competition at the box office. The Meg is still going strong and coming off of a domestic opening week that saw it also blow box office predictions out of the water. People thought that movie would make around $20 million and it ended up making $44.5 million during opening weekend domestically. So, it wouldn't be a shock to see big numbers again this weekend. In addition, Friday will see the Mark Wahlberg starrer Mile 22 open up. In the female-geared movie range, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again is still at the box office, as is The Spy Who Dumped Me. BlacKkKlansman is still doing big numbers for a more limited release, as well. We'll have to wait and see how many people turn out for Crazy Rich Asians this August, but so far, the numbers are looking significant.

A few days ago, our own Nick Evans mentioned that considering the way that Crazy Rich Asians was being heavily promoted (the cast was even on Today this morning), he felt like the numbers could go higher than was initially anticipated. One point of evidence for that was that Warner Bros. opted to hold preview screenings, allowing audiences to purchase tickets for early viewings of the movie. Most of those preview screenings sold out. Advance sales for the movie have also been solid, with the movie outpacing Girls Trip so far, as well.

Solid reviews and general buzz for Crazy Rich Asians should help this title to standout over the weekend, and we'll be sure to keep you updated regarding which movie ends up landing at #1 when Sunday rolls around. You can also take a look at what's coming up with our full movie schedule.

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