Denzel Washington Reveals He Hasn't Been Approached For A Marvel Movie

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It's no secret that Black Panther has a considerable fanbase; the box office numbers pretty much prove that. In fact, one notable member of that community is The Equalizer star Denzel Washington, who recently revealed that the movie made him cry. That said, did you know that Washington has still never been approached for a Marvel movie? Well, in a recent interview, Washington revealed that the folks behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe have never actually called him to appear in a film. Washington opened up about his overall lack of superhero movie offers and explained:

I haven't been approached. You know, we'll see what happens.

So, despite Denzel Washington's wealth of experience in the film world, he has never even been approached for a superhero project. At the moment, he's largely known for his work in dramatic, one-off projects, so it would be a big leap for him, but given the sheer prestige that his name carries in the industry, we're kind of left to wonder why nobody has tried to get him into a cape and cowl.

Of course, while Denzel Washington was never approached for a role in a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, we're left to wonder if that's something that he even has an interest in. Continuing in his conversation with, the actor noted that he hasn't ruled it out. Washington said;

Never say never.

Never say never, huh? That wording obviously does not guarantee anything will actually happen for Denzel Washington in the comic book movie genre, but it leaves us very hopeful about what the future may hold for Mr. Washington in the realm of heroes and villains. With that in mind, we should note that Denzel Washington does have an appreciation for some entries in the superhero genre. In fact, as far back as 2014 the actor opened up in a Reddit AMA session and voiced an interest in the movie that would eventually go on to become Ryan Coogler's Black Panther. He didn't necessarily say that he wanted to be in the movie, but his comments confirmed that it was something that intrigued him on a conceptual level.

Moreover, Denzel Washington's connection to the Black Panther movie is already profound. Not only did the film make him cry, but he saw Chadwick Boseman at that screening of the film, and Boseman actually thanked Washington for guidance that he had provided the T'Challa actor with earlier in their respective careers. Washington is already friend of Ryan Coogler's, so we will have to keep our fingers crossed that he may one day get the call to show up for Black Panther 2.

For now, make sure to check out Denzel Washington in his first-ever sequel, Antoine Fuqua's The Equalizer 2, which is still in theaters. If you want more information about the film, check out our review, and then head over to our movie premiere guide to learn more about the rest of 2018's biggest releases.

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