As with any new month, Netflix is throwing up a bunch of content that'll please audiences and justify another month's subscription dues. But, of course, out of the massive stream of newer content comes, there are some titles that stand out as the best of the best. This September is no exception, as we've got some legitimate classics, fairly exciting films of recent memory, and even some buried treasures of eras far and wide. While you're welcome to see this month's total line-up for yourself, the following are the top titles you should consider throwing into your streaming queue as soon as they're available.

Groundhog Day

Deja vu hasn't felt as funny as it did when Bill Murray and Harold Ramis teamed up to create the metaphysical comedy classic Groundhog Day. With Murray starring as a miserable weatherman forced to repeat the same day over and over again, for no clear reason whatsoever, what could have simply been a slapstick comedy went into sophisticated, rarefied territory. It's a film just as good as ever, should it be the first or fiftieth time you've watched it.


The fact that Scarface can go on for almost three hours with as much action and obscenity as it does, and not miss a beat, says something about the work that director Brian DePalma did with Oliver Stone's legendary screenplay. Tony Montana's rise to power, and the ways it ruins his life, are legendary among cinephiles of all stripes, even after taking into account that the film is a remake of a 1932 gangster picture of the same name. A new remake is kicking around town, waiting for a shot at life, but no matter how good it potentially may be, it's going to take a lot to match up to this version's charms.

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