Marlon Wayans Will Play Six Roles In Netflix Movie About Sextuplets

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On occasion, actors have been known to play multiple roles in one project. Comedians and comedic actors, especially, are fond of this tactic, with Eddie Murphy being, possibly, the most well-known comedian with such a cinematic propensity. Well, Marlon Wayans might be on his way to beating the Eddie Murphy record, because he's currently preparing for a big acting challenge which will see him take on a whopping six roles in his upcoming Netflix film, Sextuplets.

In Sextuplets, Marlon Wayans will play a man, Alan, who is trying to find and meet his birth mother before his first child arrives. During this process, Alan meets his brother Russell, and finds out that they are actually two brothers from a set of sextuplets. Alan then sets out to find his four remaining siblings, so he and Russell embark on a road trip to locate the rest of their family. Unfortunately, Alan will quickly realize that this quest and the family it digs up might be leading him down a path that's way more than he bargained for. As you might have guessed, Wayans will play all five of Alan's siblings, which lands him six major roles in Sextuplets.

Wayans, who last teamed with Netflix for his stand up comedy special Woke-ish and the 2017 film Naked, is, obviously, no stranger to out-there comedy concepts, so Sextuplets totally fits much of what we've known him for. The star of White Chicks (where his character masqueraded as one of the titular chicks) and Little Man (where his character was a very small adult who posed as a baby) should have no problem mining the comedy from six characters who are sure to be very different people, even though they are so closely related.

According to Deadline, Wayans is teaming with director Michael Tiddes for Sextuplets, which will mark the fifth time they've worked together. Tiddes also directed Wayans in Naked, as well as A Haunted House, A Haunted Houses 2 and 50 Shades of Black. Wayans wrote the script with Mike Glock, Rick Alvarez, and is producing with Alvarez and Nathan Reimann. The film will also see Wayans working with his Marlon co-star, Bresha Webb, again.

Right now, there's no word on whether or not these sextuplets will all look mostly alike, or if Wayans will don several radically different looks to portray Alan, Russell and their siblings. But, my bet is on there being at least four somewhat crazy appearances for the rest of the family, along with some nutty accents and possibly even one female in the bunch to up the comedic factor as much as possible. I mean, really, if Marlon Wayans can play a young white lady, why not have him play his own sister at this point?

Sextuplets is scheduled to begin filming next month in Atlanta, with a worldwide streaming launch set for sometime in 2019. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend, and we'll keep you up to date on information about the film as it becomes available. Until then, be sure to check out our guide to everything that's coming to Netflix in September.

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