See Willem DaFoe As Vincent Van Gogh In First At Eternity’s Gate Trailer

Known best as a tortured artist with an incredible talent for captivating the eye with post-impressionistic scenes of starry nights and irises, Vincent van Gogh's story is one that begs to be told. The difference between the truth, what the painter penned in his letters, and what historians believe to be true don't always coincide. The upcoming drama At Eternity's Gate isn't concerned with being a historically accurate depiction of van Gogh, but an expressive portrait of the last years of his life. Willem Dafoe is at the center of the film in a role that could be career defining, as he takes on one of the most influential figures in art. Take a look at the new trailer below.

Between the beautiful landscapes that inspired Vincent van Gogh during his artistically productive time in Arles, France and a talented supporting cast including Oscar Isaac and Mads Mikkelson, At Eternity's Gate looks like an intriguing movie on the painter's life and mind from this trailer. After living in Paris, while in his 30s, van Gogh decided to move south to the countryside of Arles, where he had an artistic breakthrough and produced hundreds of works. During this time he also suffered a few psychotic episodes, including the time when he famously cut part of his ear off-- a subject of one of his most famous portraits. This trailer illustrates some of these moments through the lens of van Gogh's mind.

Oscar Isaac joins Willem Dafoe by depicting Vincent van Gogh's good friend and recognized post-impressionist artist, Paul Gauguin, who followed him to Arles soon after van Gogh moved there. In the first look at the film, Gauguin talks about starting a revolution in the art community, and creating paintings no one has seen before. Both artists, along with many other famous modern Western artists were not appreciated in their time, a struggle shown in the trailer, as van Gogh remarks "maybe God made me a good painter for people who aren't born yet."

This trailer for At Eternity's Gate comes just in time for Oscar season, as possible contenders start to come into play. The drama is directed and co-written by Julian Schnabel, who hasn't helmed a project in almost 10 years. He is best known for his work on 2007's The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, a biopic about Elle editor Jean-Dominque Bauby, who had to live with an almost completely paralyzed body, which scored him a Best Director nomination. Willem Dafoe gave a memorable performance in last year's The Florida Project, leading to a Supporting Actor nomination. At Eternity's Gate has already premiered at the Telluride Film Festival to high-acclaim and positive nods to the way van Gogh's story is depicted.

At Eternity's Gate will be released in select theaters on November 16.

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