Ex-DC Exec Quits Twitter After Harassment Following Her Joker Comments

Warner Bros. Joker movie has Joaquin Phoenix in full makeup

Social media can be a great service. On places like Twitter and Instagram, fans can interact with actors, directors and other people in high up entertainment positions in fun and unique ways. However, social media interactions are not always full of rainbows and butterflies. Recently, a former DC executive left social media after dealing with fan reactions to a tweet she made about the recent release of Joaquin Phoenix's Joker test footage.

Former DC executive Diane Nelson, who was the president of DC Entertainment until earlier in 2018 when she left the studio after a leave of absence, still seems pumped for future projects from the comics and movie collaboration with Warner Bros. She recently tweeted about the upcoming new Joker movie from the Todd Phillips camp, noting at the time:

LOVE IT! Great story, great actor, specific and string vision from talented director. What DC should have been doing since Nolan. Even if diehard fans struggle with his vision.

Needless to say, some of the diehard fans in question came out of the woodwork to comment on her Twitter thoughts, and some of the responses were not particularly pleasant to the former executive. As DC has been in a bit of upheavel following Zack Snyder leaving Justice League as well as the critical response to recent movies, some of the people took the above comment to be a shot at Zack Snyder, as well. She later clarified to one fan, who accused her of not being fair to the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice director, that her goal was not to slight Snyder with her Christopher Nolan comment.

I happen to count Zack Snyder among those things, if you are insinuating otherwise. No snake here.

Following the outpouring of negativity, Diane Nelson has opted to get rid of her Twitter account. She's not the first person to quit social media after dealing with negativity online. Other higher profile names have also quite the social media service. Daisy Ridley notably deactivated her social media accounts after dealing with Star Wars harassment. After Star Wars: The Last Jedi hit theaters to fan ire, her co-star Kelly Marie Tran followed suit. (In Tran's case, a lot of the Star Wars cast came out in support of the actress after she made the decision to avoid social media.) Other notable people, including new Batwoman Ruby Rose, have also left sites like Twitter after dealing with negativity from fans.

There's a fine line between criticism and constructive criticism sometimes and people are still learning the best ways to engage with fans on their own ends, as well. In the meantime, I wouldn't be shocked to hear about other prominent names leaving social media in the coming months. After all, there are plenty of big budget movie projects in the works at any given time, which means there is plenty of stuff that could potentially court controversy. Check out what's coming up with our full schedule.

Jessica Rawden
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