DC Is Still Getting Bombarded With Requests To Release The Justice League Snyder Cut

Yesterday DC made some major announcements about the future, including the impending launch of the dedicated DC streaming service. It will include an amazing amount of content both old and new, but many fans watching the official announcement were focused on something they still want to see, but have never been granted, the "Zack Snyder Cut" of Justice League. Here's a small sampling of the comments you can find on YouTube.

YouTube comments about the Snyder Cut

The comment section is actually quite tame when compared to the live chat that was running during the event, where the phrase "release the Snyder Cut" seemed to pop up every few seconds, from multiple accounts, over and over again over the course of the broadcast. It's clear that, even though nine months have passed since the release of Justice League, fans have not forgotten.

Response to Justice League varied greatly but the fact is that even some die-hard DC fans didn't love the movie we got in theaters. However, many believe the reason the movie didn't turn out as good as it could have been is that director Zack Snyder had to step down during post-production, and reshoots and editing were overseen by Joss Whedon. The result was a movie that was a clash of tones and styles that did not work together. These fans believe that if the movie we had seen had been entirely the vision of Zack Snyder, we would have received a superior product. Thus, the call for the "Snyder Cut" of Justice League.

The fans calling for the Snyder Cut were quite vocal in the days immediately following the release of Justice League with petitions launched and protests scheduled to try to rally Warner Bros. to produce a Snyder Cut of the movie. While it might seem that everybody has moved on to other things. The response during the DC Universe launch broadcast is proof that many have not forgotten.

Whether or not there is, or could be, a Zack Snyder edit of Justice League has been a topic of debate. Some, like Justice League storyboard artist Jay Olivia, claim that the cut very much exists, while a VFX artist on the project says that it does not. Even if no cut was made, it doesn't mean that Zack Snyder couldn't put his version of the movie together, but it would cost money, likely due to unfinished digital effects in the scenes that were deleted, that would need to be completed before anything could see the light of day. It's unlikely, though not impossible, that Warner Bros. will want to foot the bill for that.

One of the things that might convince WB that it's worth it is the belief that a large enough audience exists for it, if fans continue to keep asking for it, maybe they will get the studio to change its mind. Stranger things have happened.

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