Macaulay Culkin Just Asked J.K. Rowling For A Harry Potter Role

At this point, it seems like there are only two types of actors, those who have already been in a Harry Potter movie, and those that want to be. For the most part, being from the U.K. has been a prerequisite for being in the first group, but with the Fantastic Beasts franchise now taking on a more global focus, there are more opportunities for other actors. Macaulay Culkin has now spoken up regarding his desire to join the Wizarding World. While we don't see the Home Alone star on screen much these days, he'd apparently be willing if J.K. Rowling puts him in the next movie.

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Macaulay Culkin took the opportunity of the recent controversy regarding the human casting of Nagini to reach out to the Harry Potter author, but he made sure to pitch himself to her while he was at it. The highlight has to be the way that he tries to sell himself, making sure that Rowling knows who he is by name-dropping Home Alone, as well as the little-remembered Pagemaster, as evidence of his experience with on-screen magic.

He then follows up the tweet with one tagging Fantastic Beasts co-star Dan Fogler, hoping to get the actor to vouch for him to J.K. Rowling. The actor responds saying that he could see Macaulay Culkin as a student at the American wizarding school, so maybe there's a chance of making this happen.

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While I'm not sure if Macaulay Culkin is actually getting a closer to a role in a future Fantastic Beasts movie, I'm not sure it matters. This exchange is actually pretty brilliant. It's not even clear how much Culkin is actually looking for a role and how much he's just having some fun. His original tweet to Dan Fogler includes more of Culkin selling himself as being "from Home Alone 2" and ensuring Fogler that the two of them are friends in real life, a statement which certainly doesn't need to be made if it's true, and is all the funnier if it isn't.

Could we actually see Macauley Culkin in a future Fantastic Beasts movie? Why not? There are supposed to be three more of them on the way after Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, so there will likely be plenty of new roles of varying sizes that the actor could take, especially is the story goes back to the United States for any significant amount of time. Of course, there are a lot of other people who have expressed interest in becoming part of the Wizarding World, so Culkin may need to get in line.

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