Patty Jenkins Responds To Wonder Woman 1984’s Delay

Wonder Woman in the trenches

DC's live-action universe has had an interesting life in theaters, and the franchise has only continued to keep audiences and cinephiles on their toes. In the few years since Batman v Superman arrived, DC has seen a ton of peaks and valleys-- with the biggest success story being Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman. A sequel titled Wonder Woman 1984 has been filming, but its release was recently pushed back a series of months. And now Jenkins has responded to this news, saying:

Our weekend. Feels like home. Can't wait for the day to come to share so many people's great work, blowing me away every day.

While Wonder Woman 1984's delay may make some fans nervous, that doesn't seem to be the case with the franchise's acclaimed director. Jenkins seems to happy that the sequel will will be delayed a series of months, especially since it'll use the same opening weekend that Wonder Woman did in 2017.

Patty Jenkins' recent Tweet, which started off with an enthusiastic smiling emoji, has the potential to blow some minds. When news broke that Wonder Woman 1984 was going to be delayed a few months, there was some understandable panic from the fandom. In the chaos, one might have forgotten that the new release date means Wonder Woman 1984 will arrive exactly 3 years after the first movie hit theaters.

Although some fans may be disappointed with waiting a few more months for Diana Prince's next solo adventure, 3 years doesn't actually seem that long for another movie to be developed, written, filmed, and released. Add in that Gal Gadot was also involved in projects like Justice League and Ralph Breaks the Internet, and suddenly the release schedule doesn't seem quite as bleak.

Some DC fans were easily triggered by the news of Wonder Woman 1984's delay, considering how unpredictable the live-action universe has been since its inception. While the MCU usually has a concrete release schedule, the DC universe often makes big casting and movie announcements, before promptly reneging on those prospects after they fall through.

Wonder Woman 1984 may have been pushed back, but there doesn't seem to be any issues happening from the film's set. No news or negative press has come from the upcoming sequel, so the scheduling change may have simply been a business strategy for Warner Bros. Pictures. Considering how well the summer blockbuster slot worked for the first Wonder Woman movie, it stands to reason that WB would try to strike gold twice.

Patty Jenkins' upcoming return to the DC franchise will be another period piece, bringing Gal Gadot's Diana Prince into the 1980's. The film will also somehow bring back Chris Pine's Steve Trevor, complete with a fanny pack.

Wonder Woman 1984 will now arrive in theaters June 5, 2020. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your trips to the movies in the New Year.

Corey Chichizola
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