Jamie Lee Curtis Is Down For Another Halloween Movie, On One Condition

Jamie Lee Curtis fighting Michael Myers in Halloween

The new Halloween is a certified hit, and that can only mean one thing, sequel talk. For a franchise with as many sequels as Halloween you can be sure that both a studio looking for another hit and fans looking for another chapter will be up for a new Halloween. It turns out Jamie Lee Curtis is up for it too, as long as director David Gordon Green wants to do another one as well. According to Curtis...

If David Gordon Green called me up and said, 'let's do another Halloween', I would do another Halloween. Because he did such a beautiful job creating this movie.

I think many fans would agree that the more pieces that made this movie so good that can be brought back to work on another, the better the odds that sequel is going to work as well as the last one.

Numerous people have tried their hands at the Halloween franchise over the years with mixed results. Even Jamie Lee Curtis admits that not every Halloween film she has made has been great. She credits David Gordon Green as being the reason this one has been so successful both commercially and critically and she seems to have confidence that if he thinks he can do it again, she'll go along for the ride.

While nothing has been officially stated about another potential Halloween movie, it seems likely those conversations have begun following the film's massive October opening. Either that or they will begin soon. If and when that happens one assumes David Gordon Green will be given the opportunity to direct it. The only question at that point is if he'll take it or if he'd rather parlay the success he had here into something new. Since Green apparently already has ideas that would be important in a sequel, it seems likely he'd do it.

Jamie Lee Curtis' comments to Empire Magazine Australia show that she's far from shutting the door on the franchise. Certainly, one hopes that if a sequel to this semi-reboot happens it won't fall into the same class as Halloween: Resurrection. That was the sequel to Halloween: H20, and while H20 is generally viewed positively by most fans of the franchise, the sequel that followed it...not so much.

Of course, there are other people who contributed to this successful film. Danny McBride and Jeff Fradley contributed to the screenplay alongside the director, and this movie also had the blessing of the father of Halloween John Carpenter who produced the new entry. Jamie Lee Curtis has previously stated she regrets getting involved in Halloween sequels without Carpenter, so seeing him return as well would also be a positive sign.

One way or another it seems unlikely that too many Halloween's will pass without a new Halloween movie. The franchise has been going strong for 40 years and it just got infused with brand new energy.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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