Why Laurie Strode And Michael Myers Won’t Be Siblings In The New Halloween

Laurie keeping Michael out

With the trend of nostalgia proving endlessly popular and profitable, it stands to reason that some classic horror properties might be returning for new additions as well. Blumhouse Productions has been responsible for most of our modern classic horror movies, and now they've turned their head to the OG: Halloween. Set 40 years after Laurie and Michael's conflict in the first movie, the new Halloween is ignoring the sequels and create a brand new story. This decision also retcons Michael and Laurie's sibling relationship out, something the writers felt especially passionate about. CInemaBlend got to visit the set of Halloween earlier this year, where writer Danny McBride explained the reasons to ignore the familial history between the characters.

I was pushing for that removal right off the bat. I just felt like that was an area where he wasn't quite as scary anymore, it seemed too personalized, I wasn't as afraid of Michael Myers anymore because I'm not his fucking brother, so he's not coming after me. And also, you've seen it. So wouldn't it be interesting just to see what would happen if it wasn't that? And what does that open up for us? If it was this random killing that has affected this character. So it just seemed like new territory to bite off. Maybe we'll look back and say 'It was such a mistake not to make them siblings,' but I don't know. It seemed, as opposed to just duplicating, it would be cool to see if it gives us anything else.

Everyone involved in the new Halloween movie appears to be giant fans of the franchise. As such, Danny McBride and fellow writers Jeff Fradley and David Gordon Green wanted to create a story that wasn't going to feel or sound like any of the sequels. Laurie's relationship with Michael wasn't revealed until the second film, and wasn't John Carpenter's original vision for the villain. Indeed, Michael was only credited as "The Shape" through the first film, something that Blumhouse's Halloween is carrying over. Making Michael's attack on Haddonfield was random instead of a crime of passion, making it even more chilling.

From my time on the Halloween set, it quickly became clear how much reverence everyone had for the original slasher film. This passion for the franchise is no doubt what kept production going during stressful times. Jamie Lee Curtis herself echoed this excitement, even bringing in the slate from the original Halloween movie for the folks on set to check out.

Set 40 years after the original attack, Halloween follows a Laurie Strode who has never stopped looking over her shoulder. The film also includes Laurie's daughter and granddaughter, allowing for three generations of Strode women to battle Michael one last time.

Halloween will arrive in theaters October 19. In the meantime, check out our 2018 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Corey Chichizola
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