IT Chapter 2 Has Wrapped, See The Losers' Club Celebrating

Although Michael Myers is currently enjoying major success, the horror box office crown belongs to Pennywise and he's returning next year to remind everyone that he's still the king. IT: Chapter Two is on the way and it has just wrapped filming. To celebrate wrapping, the younger generation of the Losers' Club that we fell in love with in the first film got together to commemorate the occasion. Take a look:

Finn Wolfhard's Instagram Post of the Losers' Club

It's great to see the Losers' Club together again, as this fun group of actors were a huge part of what made the first movie so awesome and successful. This is just another reminder that although IT: Chapter Two will also feature the group 27 years later played by different actors, we will still get to see the younger cast and their continued story.

On his Instagram post Finn Wolfhard, who plays the foul-mouthed Richie Tozier, adds a couple of nice touches by listing his location as Derry, Maine. And using an emoji of Pennywise's signature red balloon, he reminds us that the Losers' Club came together to fight the horrors of the cursed town.

The Losers' Club is reminiscent of so many memorable groups of kids in these types of stories. The Goonies, the Sandlot crew, the kids in Stand By Me and the party in Stranger Things are all iconic groups of cinematic friends that audiences connect with, as they remind us of those pivotal childhood friendships that mean so much and shape who we are as adults.

It also adds a little something to IT: Chapter Two that it seems like the actors who portray the members of the Losers' Club are friends in real life and play and joke around with each other. That can come through onscreen and add to their fun dynamic as we watch these friends see their bonds tested and forged through their horrific experiences.

Stephen King's novel upon which IT and IT: Chapter Two are based is a massive tome, so the flashbacks to the younger Losers' Club will give us more of their story (minus some of the more controversial elements) and more of the group that audiences loved so much in the first film.

The main part of this film should see the adult members of the Losers' Club 27 years after the events of the first film, as they return to the town of Derry to confront their childhood horror. The sequel is looking like it could be even more faithful to the book, and include some of its weirdest and most shocking elements.

IT: Chapter Two floats into theaters on September 6, 2019. Pennywise isn't the only heavy-hitter on the calendar next year either, 2019 is full of huge movies. Check all of them out in our 2019 release schedule.

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