One of the biggest hits of last year, IT completely owned the box office when it hit theaters. It also helped that the movie was rad as hell, appeasing not only horror and movie fans but also lovers of Stephen King's classic novel. However, like many book adaptations, IT had to change or ignore certain aspects of the book. That's common territory for any book adaptation, but IT differed enough in some key areas that it was noticeable for book fans, such as a less emphasis on the supernatural and a smaller role for bigger characters like Mike. IT Chapter Two has begun filming, but there are already some clues that indicate this could be more faithful to the source material than its predecessor.

Now, just because IT wasn't a word-for-word reenactment of the book doesn't mean that it's a bad movie. Sometimes that's what has to be done in order to make the movie work, especially when going off a something as difficult to translate as IT. And there is stuff in IT that definitely should never be put in front of a camera (book readers know exactly what I'm talking about), but IT Chapter Two might not be pulling its punches this time around. Here are four clues that the sequel is sticking close to the book this time.

Henry Bowers Is Back

In the first movie, the Losers' Club is plagued by a trio of bullies, led by a devil of a kid named Henry Bowers. It doesn't take long for Bowers to prove just how deranged he really is, carving his initials into poor Ben Hanscom in the first 15 minutes of the movie. Bowers seems to have it out for Mike Hanlon especially, and tries to physically harm him at least three times in the movie. Eventually, Bowers is seduced by Pennywise and sent to kill the Losers' Club, but Mike ends up pushing Bowers down a seemingly bottomless pit into Pennywise's lair. This differs a lot from the books, wherein Bowers and his gang chase the Losers through the sewers, only for Pennywise to kill Bowers' gang. Bowers is then blamed for basically all the murders that happened over the summer and is sent to an insane asylum. Bowers' movie fate left it up to debate whether he'd be back at all, but Teach Grant has been cast as adult Henry in the sequel. Does this mean that he did end up in an asylum after all or will Bowers get involved in some new way?

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