That Time William Shatner Wore Michael Myers’ Halloween Mask Out

Surprised Shatner in Star Trek

Before slashers became a mainstay part of the horror genre, John Carpenter's Halloween helped to break new ground. An indie film on a small budget, the original film inspired countless scary movies, all with masked killers of their own. But there's a funny story behind Michael Myers' iconic mask from the Halloween movies: it was originally a mask of William Shatner's likeness.

Halloween was filmed when Star Trek was at the height of its popularity, with masks of William Shatner's Kirk available in stores. The art department of Halloween found one and distressed it to look more terrifying, and Michael Myers was born. It's a story horror fans love, and now the actor revealed he's actually gone out in a Michael mask, saying:

When my kids were younger, and they'd go trick-or-treating, and I would go with them, I'd wear the mask. If [people] didn't give them candy, I'd take off the mask, and blow a kiss.

Well, that's some Inception level Shatner-ing, with layers of the actor's face appearing at once. While Michael Myers is a terrifying force in the Halloween franchise, but there's also something scary about Michael removing his mask, and it being Shatner IRL winking at you.

It's funny to think that Michael Myers' appearance is actually connected to William Shatner, as the character and Halloween franchise have lasted for decades. Michael is one of the biggest villains in horror history, and his signature mask and jumpsuit have only slightly changed throughout the various sequels that followed John Carpenter's 1978 original. But he owes it all to Captain Kirk, and the toy distributor that turned Shatner's face into a mask.

The story about Michael's Halloween mask is one beloved by horror fans, but often goes under the radar for general moviegoers. In his same conversation with EW, Shatner spoke about how little he knows regarding the mask's invention. And that he makes no money from the horror franchise.

All I can tell you is, they found it somewhere in a toy store or somewhere. I don't have a piece of the film. Maybe you can negotiate it for me!

While William Shatner's face may be all over the 11 Halloween movies, but the living legend isn't getting a cut of the profits. Instead, it's just another funny anecdote to add to Shatner's already lengthy career in the public eye. And with Blumhouse now in charge of the property, that mask has been given new audience.

Indeed, the new Halloween movie brought back Michael Myers, although the mask was a bit aged and worse for the wear due to 40 years and poor storage. The look helped make Michael extra terrifying in the latest sequel, and there's already talks of yet another Halloween being developed.

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