Stan Lee Didn’t See His Ralph Breaks The Internet Cameo Before He Died

Ralph Breaks The Internet Stan Lee Cameo

Stan Lee has made cameos in a slew of Marvel movies over the years, but another Disney property also deigned to give the famous comic book creator a cameo in 2018. That movie is the upcoming animated flick Ralph Breaks The Internet and co-director Rich Moore revealed this week that Stan Lee was not able to see the small cameo before he died earlier this week. Now, however, Moore believes the cameo will be even more touching for those who see the film, noting,

He did not see it. That scene seems very poignant now on his passing, and it's very special that we were able to have him as part of our film.

While Ralph Breaks The Internet hits theaters on November 21, early screenings of the animated Disney sequel have already commenced. In general, people seem to like most of the nods to Disney in the flick, including the Stan Lee cameo. Sadly, the creator didn't get to see himself in animated form in Ralph Breaks The Internet and originally the movie even featured an extended scene with the comics creator.

Other Ralph Breaks The Internet co-director Phil Johnston also told The Wrap:

For a moment, we had this thing called 'Marvelize Yourself,' where the human avatar is able to go through what looks like a metal detector and turn into a Marvel character. And as part of that scene, we had Stan Lee go through the Marvelizer. But when we decided to lose that joke and not use the scene, we still wanted to have Stan Lee in the movie, because we love Stan Lee.

Unfortunately, the extended camo didn't work out and the Wreck-It Ralph sequel decided to stick with a brief cut of Stan Lee seen when Vanellope is wandering around the Disney corner of the Internet. Unlike most Stan Lee cameos in movies, this one doesn't feature voice work or acting from Stan Lee.

In Ralph Breaks The Internet, these cameos all work because Vanellope and Ralph travel across the internet and eventually reach the Disney corner of the web, where a slew of animated characters and more hang out online.

A slew of Disney-related characters, properties and people make cameos in Ralph Breaks The Internet. Doubtless, by now you've heard of the famous Disney princesses backstage scene, which was shown at CinemaCon earlier this year and has been teased in trailers and more since. In addition, we learned a while ago that while Princess Leia doesn't make the princess scene, another Star Wars character does.

In addition to Disney nods, there are nods to other big internet companies that package, ship and movie both products and information. The branding placement may get a little old to some, but it's may prove a fun "spot the company" game for others.

Stan Lee won't be forgotten anytime soon. The man's contributions to art and pop culture will live on in future Marvel films. In fact, we'll likely see him in other cameos on the big screen in future months. In the meantime, you can catch this particular cameo when Ralph Breaks The Internet comes out during Thanksgiving week. Take a look at the other big releases with our full movie schedule.

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