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Star Wars: Episode IX Will Appropriately Honor Carrie Fisher, According To Oscar Isaac

General Leia in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The biggest unanswered question about Star Wars Episode IX is just how the film will handle General Leia. We do have some answers, of course. The character will, in fact, be in the movie, via the use of deleted scenes from the previous two movies in the trilogy, but that still doesn't tell us how those fixed scenes will be used to fit the character into the story. However it's going to work, Oscar Isaac says it will do right by Carrie Fisher and her legacy because the story will touch on it, quite extensively, in some way. According to Isaac...

The story deals with that quite a bit. It's a strange thing to be on the set and to be speaking of Leia and having Carrie not be around. There's definitely some pain in that.

It's nice to hear that Star Wars Episode IX will do something to pay proper respect to Carrie Fisher and General Leia. For many fans, seeing Fisher on screen in Episode IX will be a strange experience. We'll all know what happened and that the person on the screen is no longer with us. For many, the film will be a chance to say goodbye to an actress and a character that has had a profound impact on them.

Of course, this just seems to add more questions. We were all wondering how the final film in the new Star Wars trilogy would deal with Carrie Fisher's passing, and once it was revealed that the character would appear in the film, we seemingly had a few questions answered. The movie won't be killing off Leia or otherwise moving her off-screen for the duration of the film. But if that's the case, then how will the story of Star Wars: Episode IX be paying homage to Carrie Fisher as Oscar Isaac tells The Daily Beast it will if the movie will just be using existing scenes, that one assumes will show Leia doing fairly expected things in the story?

While we may know how Leia will appear in the next Star Wars movie, it's clear that there are still a lot of things about the movie that we don't understand. That's to be expected. The new trilogy has been pretty good overall about keeping details of the film under wraps. The trailers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi gave us plenty of scenes, but did it in such a way that the actual plot was pretty well hidden. We can expect that Star Wars: Episode IX will do something very similar. Whether or not we'll even see Leia in those trailers is a pretty big question. The movie may decide to keep her entirely hidden until the film premieres.

With Star Wars Episode IX over a year away, it will be quite some time before we get a real look at anything about the film. Perhaps we'll begin to understand more clearly how General Leia will be handled when we do.

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