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Ralph Breaks The Internet Box Office: Solid Numbers For The Sequel

Three star-studded new movies featuring popular, well-known characters opened this weekend. Both Ralph Breaks The Internet and Creed II outperformed their predecessors. Unfortunately, Hollywood's latest attempt to making Robin Hood did not go nearly as well, as the film sputtered to a disappointing seventh place finish.

You can check out the full box office chart below...

Ralph Breaks The Internet was the clear winner this weekend. According to Box Office Mojo, the first round of the video game movie put up just south of $50M during its opening weekend. This time around, the sequel topped $55M, which should position it for a long run, especially considering the positive reviews it generated from critics. In fact, the film opened a bit earlier because of the Thanksgiving weekend, and it picked up almost an additional $30M prior to its debut weekend. As such, it would be a shock if it didn't blow past the $100M threshold early next weekend, which must be a nice relief for Disney.

There should also be plenty of excitement around the Creed II camp. The boxing sequel, which is Round 8 overall for Rocky franchise, picked up a cool $35M and change, up from the $30M or so its predecessor took home its first weekend. Combined with the early Thanksgiving returns, it's already at $55M and is benefitting from strong critic reviews as well.

As for Robin Hood, its less than $10M weekend and less than $15M total gross so far should mean the legendary character is put away for at least a hot minute. He's been trotted out to varying degrees of success via incredibly different takes over the years, but it's pretty clear he's not the James Bond-level draw producers continue to hope for. Obviously, the terrible reviews didn't help any of this (though our reviewer actually liked it), but maybe it's worth taking a step back and instead all admitting Robin Hood just doesn't resonate with modern audiences.

Bohemian Rhapsody won't pick up a ton of headlines this week because of all the glitzy openings, but it more than deserves another tip of the cap for how well it's holding. A less than fifteen percent drop in its fourth weekend is the kind of things producers in a wide release movie dream of. Clearly, people are recommending it to their family and friends, who are making an effort to get to the theater. Look for this to almost certainly signal a sharp increase in the number of music biopic script orders over the next six months. Hollywood is very much a trend business.

Finally, one more quick shoutout is deserved for A Star Is Born, as well. The film hung on in the Top 10 again this week, which is pretty impressive considering it came out OCTOBER 5TH! Well played, Bradley Cooper, Lady Gaga and everyone else involved.

Mack Rawden
Mack Rawden

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