Mary Poppins Just Dropped Two Musical Tracks That Are Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious

As December quickly approaches, it has almost come time for another jolly holiday... with Mary Poppins of course. The 1964 classic musical has long been untouchable due to iconic lead performances by Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke, and Walt Disney's personal touch on the project. With Mary Poppins Returns soon coming to theaters, some new musical numbers have finally been released and let me say, if you are a fan of the original you should not be disappointed.

Disney Music has just released two practically perfect tracks ahead of the sequel's release. The first called "The Place Where Lost Things Go" performed by the new Mary, Emily Blunt. Check it out:

Just wow. I would say I'm speechless but then the article would end right here. "The Place Where Lost Things Go" has been already been teased in the full trailer for Mary Poppins Returns in which the magical nanny is singing a lullaby of sorts to a new generation of Banks children before they go to sleep. We've heard Emily Blunt sing before, most notably in 2014's Into the Woods, but this track has her go full-Mary Poppins.

In this sweet song, she comforts the children, who have lost their mother (who was also the wife of Michael Banks), and she assures them that she's still watching over them with a smile. The tone of Emily Blunt's voice reminds me of Julie Andrews -- an incredible triumph for the actress who will almost certainly carry this musical to success. The track is reminiscent of Mary Poppins' other bedside songs "Stay Awake" and "Feed the Birds (Tuppence a Bag)." It's also beautiful and we can't wait to see it be performed.

The other song released today by Disney Music is called "Trip a Little Light Fantastic" and it is primarily performed by Hamilton writer Lin-Manuel Miranda, who plays Jack the lamplighter in Mary Poppins Returns. Take a listen:

When Lin-Manuel Miranda was cast as a Bert-like character in the sequel, many fans were unsure how the rapping American Broadway star might fare as a lead. While it's been recently revealed that Miranda will be spitting some rhymes in Mary Poppins Returns, here is quite a classically composed tune that fits right in with the music of the original flick. Miranda sings just handsomely in his own cockney accent and also reminds me of his 1964 counterpart, played by Dick Van Dyke.

"Trip a Little Light Fantastic" will be an exciting song and dance number by Jack and his gang of "leeries" as they light the lamps of the streets of London while singing the uplifting track. A sneak peek of the scene was also shown in a recent video for Mary Poppins Returns and it looks to take a note from the legendary sequences including Bert and the chimney sweeps that included the songs "Chim Chim Cher-ee" and "Step in Time."

Excited yet? After hearing these fun new songs that offer a mix of newness and nostalgia, Mary Poppins Returns can't come soon enough. The Disney sequel will hit theaters on December 19.

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