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The Creed II Characters The Director Wants To Explore In A Spinoff Movie

Creed II Florian Munteanau and Dolph Lundgren looking mean in Philly

Warning: Spoilers for Creed II are in play. If you haven't seen the film yet, please bookmark this page, and come back once you're current.

Creed III is a movie that, while not officially confirmed, seems only a heartbeat away from actually happening. But besides the further adventures of Adonis Creed and his family, there's another possibility in the air, spinning off the story of Ivan and Viktor Drago into a separate film exploring their relationship further. Creed II's director Steven Caple Jr. is certainly behind the concept, as he admitted the following to CinemaBlend:

Dolph was like, 'We could have our own.' ... Their characters are really established here, and I think that'd be fun, to see where they go after this. ... I never thought about it in a serious way, because we always joked about it. But now that I have time to breathe, I probably will. I think it would be fun. I think what happens to them after this will still be interesting, and where they go, there'll still be much in the relationship that can be explored.

While the bulk of Creed II is focused on Michael B. Jordan's Adonis Creed, and how he not only navigates challenges inside and outside of the ring, there's a B story that weaves its way into the film involving the legacy of the Drago family name. In particular, we learn of Ivan's disgrace after being beaten by Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) in Rocky IV, which was so great the man was basically disowned by the Soviet Union.

Not to mention, the fallout of that match also lead to his wife Ludmilla, played by Brigitte Nielsen in Rocky IV, abandoning him and their son Viktor. Which, in turn, has led to both Drago men having a bit of a complex when it comes to winning in the ring. By time their star starts rising again, Ludmilla's surprise resurgence in their lives only stokes the fires.

Most importantly though is the fact that Creed II has actually humanized Dolph Lundgren's infamous fighter, giving Ivan a more identifiable side in this latest film. So not only is a spin-off possible for Ivan and Viktor Drago, but it's something that fans would more than likely want to watch.

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Director Steven J. Caple Jr. certainly seems to think so, as he admitted in his interview with CinemaBlend that he kind of treated Creed II as a semi-spinoff for the Dragos in the first place. While this certainly doesn't rob Adonis's story of any sort of shine, it does leave the audience wanting more from the Drago side of the house, especially as we see Ivan slowly realize just what he's doing by pushing his son's career in the ring.

As Creed II closes the book on the Dragos, we see Ivan and Viktor go back into training, but we feel a palpable tension between the two men. There are unspoken, unsettled issues that are still lingering as the men return to the streets of their foreign home. So while Adonis Creed's story may seem to have a limited number of paths to travel in order to make a proper sequel happen, there's still some room for the Dragos to break the past, and the barriers between each other.

Creed II is in theaters now. The Drago spinoff could be coming. Would you watch it?

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