The Biggest Creed Questions The Director Would Love To Explore In Creed III

Creed II Michael B. Jordan in the boxing ring

Warning: SPOILERS for Creed II are in play. If you haven't seen the film yet, please bookmark this story and come back once you're current.

As we've covered Creed II, the thought of a Creed III and what form it would take to become a reality has been pretty pervasive. With the franchise looking to strike another powerful box office blow, the film's final act makes it a bit harder to see what comes next. It's a reality even director Steven Caple Jr. can see plainly, but even he has some thoughts as to where the next film could go, and there's a chance that Adonis Creed doesn't necessarily have to be the lead character. Caple admitted as much during a recent interview, as his thought process about a potential Creed III was as follows:

That's a good question. Who would he fight? What would take him there? Who's in his corner? All these questions. I'm not sure. Is there room for Creed III? I think so, there's definitely some hooks at the end of [Creed II] that can lead you to a Creed III. Would he be the lead in Creed III? Those are all questions to ask.

While there's no definitive game plan for Creed III, that hasn't stopped the gears from turning on thoughts of what building blocks would be needed for a third entry in the successful series. Of course, one of the biggest questions involving Creed III would be how, or rather if, Adonis Creed would return to the ring.

After all of the physical punishment that Adonis took in two rounds with Viktor Creed, the first of which damaged him quite extensively, seeing him return to a boxing career after Creed II would need some impressive stakes. Not to mention that any sort of comeback would undoubtedly put pressure on Adonis's relationship with Bianca now that they're engaged and new parents.

Still, Steven Caple Jr. does bring up an interesting question: would Adonis Creed have to be the protagonist for Creed III? So long as he's involved in the story and the proceedings are somehow connected to his legacy, anything is fair game.

It's a prospect you can hear Caple get excited over in the footage from CinemaBlend's interview with him during the Creed II press day. Take a look for yourself!

Though as luck would have it, there's an interesting prospect that the film leaves open for a potentially interesting Creed III. With the film rounding itself out as Viktor and Ivan Drago go back to training after the younger man's defeat, there's a possibility that the Creed trilogy could see Adonis and Viktor meeting again.

Whether it's as allies or foes is left to be said, but ask any Rocky fan, and they'll tell you that there's always room for an opponent to flip to the side of good.

Creed II is in theaters now, enjoying the eye of the tiger and the thrill of the fight.

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