Sonic The Hedgehog Has Replied To The Internet's Fascination With His Movie Legs

Sonic is one of the longest-tenured and most iconic characters in video game history and next year he is getting his first feature film titled simply Sonic the Hedgehog. Recently, we got our first glimpse at how the character will look in live-action and let's just say, people have opinions, particularly about his muscular, eerily human and anatomically perplexing legs. Well, the blue blur has heard about the fascination with his legs and has chosen to respond. Take a look:

When your legs are the talk of the internet, you kind of have to respond. Sonic does so here in a way that is funny, self-aware and offers a little bit of pushback against all the criticism and other comments from fans over his new look.

Sonic must have added lifting to his running to get thighs like that and he's clearly proud of his muscular legs. He doesn't see what all the fuss is about, but whoever is running social media for the hedgehog while he is living that leg day everyday life, knows that this tweet will only stir up more conversation and included a cheeky caption alluding to as much.

Acknowledging the discussion around Sonic's legs is an interesting move from the Sonic the Hedgehog movie's official Twitter account and there seems to be a little bit of trolling going on as well. Sonic's legs in this tweet appear much more muscular than they do in the official poster, with veins popping out and everything. This seems to be a funny way of playing in to the muscularity criticisms and giving the internet more to freak out about.

Something tells me Sonic's response will do nothing to dull the memes and complaints of Sonic fans who are concerned about how the speedster will look in live-action. In addition to the fact that Sonic is not traditionally muscular, the movie Sonic looks to have a very human build with fur that real hedgehogs don't have.

It's the strive for realism that seems to be the biggest driver of Sonic's look in the film, an impetus that even the folks at Sonic Team, who make the games, don't really agree with.

Ultimately, all we've seen so far is still images of Sonic and nothing that has given us an unobscured, clear look at what exactly Ben Schwartz's character will look like in the film. Once we get to see the character in motion in the first trailer, we'll have a much better idea of the fan concern is much ado about nothing or an example of Hollywood missing the mark with another video game adaptation.

Sonic the Hedgehog stars Ben Schwartz, Jim Carrey and James Marsden. The film speeds into theaters on November 8, 2019. For all of next year's biggest movies, check out our 2019 release schedule.

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