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Macaulay Culkin Apologizes To Burglars Everywhere Over Home Alone

Kevin McCallister taunting the Wet Bandits in Home Alone

In addition to being a Christmas classic, Home Alone teaches some valuable life lessons about the joys of solitude and how not to parent. The film also provides some excellent reasons for you to think twice before trying to burgle someone's home. Macaulay Culkin realizes the possible deterrent effect his childhood role might have had, and in the spirit of the season, he has taken the time to apologize. Check it out:

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That's very big of Macaulay Culkin to say and shows how far he's come since his days of attempted murder in Home Alone. Some child stars are a mess when they're older, but this Twitter post shows how that Macaulay Culkin has grown into a mature and contemplative adult.

The actor now realizes the unintended consequences of his film and understands that for all of the Christmas cheer Home Alone brought, there were other Christmases that were lessened because would-be burglars didn't have great stolen goods to gift or hawk.

You can see how Macaulay Culkin might be right about Home Alone robbing burglars of their confidence to burgle too. Picture this: you're a burglar, maybe you've fashioned yourself what you think is a clever moniker and you're planning to rob a house on Christmas. It's a solid plan; after all, a Christmastime home is bound to be full of expensive presents on top of the usual goodies.

Then you see Home Alone, and suddenly, the seed is planted in your mind that you have to worry about being tarred and feathered and taking a hot iron to the face. That's some intimidating stuff. You were prepared for dogs and alarms, but blowtorches and tarantulas?

Those are variables you never even thought about until Home Alone and that can erode your confidence to rob a house on Christmas. All thanks to a cheeky, too clever for his own good kid by the name of Kevin McCallister.

It might seem like a joke, but the hard data certainly doesn't refute the deterrent effect Home Alone has had on burglaries. According to both the Bureau of Justice Statistics and the FBI, the rate of burglaries in the U.S. has gone down since the 1990s.

Now, correlation is not causation, but who's to say that Macaulay Culkin and Home Alone didn't deter burglaries? If he did, in addition to his apology to burglars, he can say 'You're welcome' to all the homes that might have been burgled and Christmases that would have been ruined without his fine work, as long as those families also learned the importance of remembering how many children they have of course.

Even now, we are seeing the effects Home Alone has had on would be thieves. The advent of Amazon has seen those without the guts or inventiveness to actually break in to a place, stealing packages off people's front porches. To combat this, someone recently booby trapped a fake package with a camera and a glitter bomb to go off on an unsuspecting thief. And the name on that package was none other than Kevin McCallister.

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