The Bird Box House Is Already Surrounded By Tourists

Bird Box house in Monrovia, California
(Image credit: (Netflix))

Unless you've recently found yourself a comfy rock to live under, it's obvious that Netflix's Bird Box has completely gone viral since it hit the streaming service a couple weeks ago. A lot of people have watched it, memes upon memes have been inspired by it and fans are now flocking to one of the settings of the film.

In Bird Box, Sandra Bullock's Malorie and much of the principal cast find refuge in a beautiful amidst an unseen force that has inclined many to end their lives after looking upon it. The exterior shots of their sanctuary was filmed at a real home in Monrovia, California, and it has turned into somewhat of a tourist attraction for fans.

The owner of the property told TMZ that every day since the release of Bird Box, she's had a number of visitors who have politely showed up to catch a shot of the Bird Box house. It didn't even stop for Christmas Day, but the owner said they've all been polite, with some even knocking on her door to ask for permission.

Fans are undoubtedly bringing their blindfolds to the location in hopes to snap their reenactments of some of the scenes and continue the social discourse around the popular movie.

The owner of the Bird Box house said she was compensated $12,000 for the exterior shots for the film. She's probably a bit confused about all the hype since she hasn't seen and doesn't plan to see Bird Box because she doesn't have Netflix.

This also isn't the first movie the woman's property has been featured in. It's been used for more than three films in the past 20 years, but the owner couldn't remember the names of which ones. She doesn't exactly seem like a film buff.

After just a week of the release of Bird Box, Netflix announced that the title broke a viewing record, with over 45 million users hitting play on the sci-fi horror film within its first seven days. This makes Bird Box one of Netflix's biggest hits to date along, and the added internet buzz certainly helped too.

Many have taken to social media to participate in the #BirdBoxChallenge, which has people putting on blindfolds and trying to walk around and such. It's made for some hilarious videos, but because so many have included people running into things, Netflix had to issue a warning this week imploring everyone to be careful and not risk hurting themselves for the sake of an internet trend.

Just in case you all need further warning to not get wrapped into the internet challenge, Sandra Bullock even admitted that she ran into the camera a few times while filming Bird Box and she received training from an expert on helping the blind walk.

You can catch Bird Box on Netflix, and then check out these quality movies coming to the streaming service this month.

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