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Los Angeles residents, if you don't already feel like you're living in a movie, there's a new billboard in town to convince you. It recently and mysteriously appeared along Sunset Boulevard, straight out of Bradley Cooper's A Star is Born. Take a look:

The tweet comes from NY Times award season columnist Kyle Buchanan, who came across it on Thursday -- along with many Angelenos who are snapping pictures of it as they drive into West Hollywood.

It's a clever wink to the buzzy release, just in time for the Golden Globes this weekend. A Star is Born is up for five awards -- including Best Picture, Lady Gaga for Best Actress, Bradley Cooper for Best Actor and Best Director in the Drama categories, and Best Original Song for "Shallow."

The critically-acclaimed romance follows Lady Gaga as Ally, an aspiring singer who rises into super stardom after crossing paths with well-established artist Jackson Maine, who finds solace in her and her talent amidst his personal downward spiral.

As Ally starts to make it big as a pop star -- such as making a live appearance on Saturday Night Live, going to photoshoots, practicing dance numbers, and appearing on billboards such as this one -- it's clear to her and Jackson that her dreams have been realized.

In the film, the couple talk on the balcony of their Chateau Marmont suite as the billboard gazes over at them. It's somewhat of a symbol of how her newfound image and life follow the couple. She's traded her simple look for orange hair and a more glamorous "pop" look.

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With the immense success of A Star is Born, the character of Ally has certainly earned her place on a billboard in West Hollywood. Fans will certainly be taken aback to see Lady Gaga's character in the spotlight, and some will certainly be confused to see this new Gaga doppelganger, but it's an impactful nod to those who have seen the film.

A Star Is Born is one of 2018's most celebrated films, as it has received rave reviews from critics, including being one of the few movies CinemaBlend gave a 5-star review to. Its success wasn't guaranteed or expected, by any means: It marks Bradley Cooper's first time as director and singing in a film, it's Lady Gaga's first leading role, and it's a remake of a story that's been done three times over.

The movie has also made over $389 million worldwide at the box office since opening in October. It has broken the domestic record for the highest-grossing romance movie (not including action or fantasy titles), previously held by Fifty Shades of Grey, and also sits at No. 12 on the list of 2018's top earning films, per Box Office Mojo.

You can tune into the Golden Globes this Sunday on NBC at 8 p.m. ET and 5 p.m. PT to see if A Star is Born nabs an award or two for its cinematic excellence.

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