Zack Snyder Applauds Fan's T-Shirt-Based Justice League 2 Theory

Perhaps the biggest "What If?" nerd question in recent memory is the Justice League movie that was meant to be. That is, what Justice League was originally supposed to be like as a part of Zack Snyder's original five-part vision for the DCEU. We'll never see that movie or its previously planned sequel, but Snyder has been dropping clues, perhaps the most major of which is hidden in a T-shirt design that has fans scouring for easter eggs.

This began when Zack Snyder submitted a T-shirt design to a fan-initiated fundraiser, with all the proceeds going to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. You'll recall that Snyder stepped away from directing Justice League after the suicide of his daughter, Autumn. The shirt design is based on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, a diagram used in various mystical traditions that typically illustrates the path of God. In place of the usual symbols are the emblems of the Justice League, with a few other pictures.

The general idea behind this design is that it hints at what was going to happen in Justice League 2. Fans are poring over this and giving their own interpretations of what the images mean, but only one seems to have gotten a personal reaction from Zack Snyder.

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Posting on the social media platform Vero (via Reddit), one fan believes he cracked the code of the design. It depicts that Superman impregnates Lois Lane after his resurrection. She's pregnant in Justice League 2 and Batman saves her from Darkseid, sacrificing himself to save the world. The movie ends with the birth of Lois and Clark's son, who they name Bruce.

This comment received a clap emoji from Zack Snyder, which usually means "good job." This could be interpreted to mean that Snyder is confirming that the fan is right on the money. It could also mean that he's just giving the fan a pat on the back for a good theory. It's best not to read into it too deeply, but it would have been an interesting way to end the movie.

As for how the fan reached that conclusion, it actually makes sense based on the image. There's a coffin with a "W" on it right above Batman's symbol, which seems like a pretty strong indicator of death. Right below that is a fetus, which is where the child comes in.

It's a really busy T-shirt design and I have zero clue what the rest of the images mean. I'll let the die-hard DC fans crack the case on this one, but I find the situation around what was originally planned incredibly fascinating.

I don't know if a Justice League 2 is even in the works right now, but the next DCEU film that you can catch is Shazam! The superhero movie arrives on April 5, 2019.

Matt Wood

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