James McAvoy Brings Mr. Tumnus To SNL As Sex Symbol For 'Lazy Hermione' Types

NARNIA. Man, it's still happenin' for Saturday Night Live. SNL gave us the "Lazy Sunday" digital short in honor of The Chronicles of Narnia, and just gave host James McAvoy a sketch dedicated to the unexpected appeal of Mr. Tumnus.

James McAvoy played the faun in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe back in 2005. Now that nearly 14 years have gone by, some of the women who saw that movie as adolescents are now adults who still have a thing for Tumnus. SNL really saw those "lazy Hermione" women in the "Mr. Tumnus" sketch.

That hits a little too close to home for me, but well done. I'm half-proud, half-ashamed to be a lazy Hermione type.

As you can see, first Cecily Strong's character arrived at Mr. Tumnus' home in Narnia to fawn over the faun. But it was nothing new for him.

I see. I was your girlhood crush, correct? Let me guess, it was my non-threatening masculinity. I'm sorta jacked but still in a little bit of a British way, you know?

Then two of her friends, played by Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant, showed up and propositioned Mr. Tumnus, who was basically expecting it.

Don't be so surprised. You see, hundreds of your kind visit me every year. Because I suppose, in a way, I've become an unlikely sex symbol for a very specific sort of woman. Sort of a lazy Hermione, if you will. ... And to you, I am the perfect combination of man, animal, scarf, and flute music. I'm like Frodo but without the baggage and drama.

Kate McKinnon's character said she felt seen, and confirmed the "frizzy hair, no spells" nature of her lazy Hermione status. She also added this chestnut:

This might be too forward, but ... Mr. Tumnus, I want to put my thumb-nus in your bum-nus.

CLASSIC. Hermione Granger would never be that forward in Harry Potter, but maybe Narnia is the nastier cousin. In the end, when the ladies saw that Mr. Tumnus was gay, they weren't surprised. So they settled for the rebound of Neville Longbottom. It's all very realistic, in the strangest way.

Chronicles of Narnia is kind of making a comeback, with Netflix set to develop new TV shows and films based on the C.S. Lewis fantasy novels.

James McAvoy hosted the Saturday, January 26 episode to promote his film Glass, which is now in theaters and once again topped the box office in its second weekend. Here's what else is playing in theaters right now. Saturday Night Live returns February 9 with Halsey as host and musical guest. Check out more sketches from McAvoy's episode, including the cold open with Steve Martin.

Gina Carbone

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