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While the DC film universe is still going strong, one of the big questions going forward is exactly what is the future of the company's biggest star. There are apparently no plans for another Superman movie at the moment and indications have been that when that changes, Henry Cavill may not be involved. One name that has popped up attached to the Man of Steel is Michael B. Jordan. Now one artist has done a little graphic arts magic to imagine what Jordan would look like as Superman. Check it out.

I have to say, if Michael B. Jordan as Superman can look this good, this needs to happen right the hell now. Don't wait. Somebody get to writing a script this second.

The talk of Michael B. Jordan playing Superman came out alongside reports that Henry Cavill was no longer attached to the role. The word was that Jordan was one of the names floated as a replacement. While the exact state of Cavill's relationship with DC is unclear, the truth of the situation appears to be that nobody is currently expecting to play Superman anytime soon because there is no movie starring the character expected to go into production anytime soon.

When asked about potentially playing the role, Michael B. Jordan seemed surprisingly open to the idea, though he suggested the way to give him a clean slate and avoid the comparisons to previous actors that was sure to come would be to not play Clark Kent, but instead a Superman from a different DC Comics universe, Calvin Ellis.

The image created by Savage Comics references a different version of Superman all-together, Val-Zod, but really, either version works. With the various different Earths that have been created by DC over the decades there are so many versions of Superman it's hard to keep track of them all, and there's no reason that Michael B. Jordan couldn't play any of them.

On the one hand, it seems crazy that DC doesn't have another Superman movie in the pipeline. He's literally the most popular comic book character ever created, and DC has an entire on-going universe they're trying to create. At the same time, DC clearly has things planned out and for a while and it's hard to see where there would be room for a Superman movie. Shazam!, Wonder Woman 1984 and Birds of Prey are already set to be the next three DC universe films. There's an unrelated Joker movie on the way and Aquaman 2 was just given a release date. Add in the fact that there will be a new Batman movie in there someplace as well, and DC's calendar is getting crowded.

Who knows who the next Superman will be, or when we'll see them, but clearly there are some options out there.