Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Will Have A Secret Shop For Building Lightsabers

Rey with lightsaber in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge will have everything you'd ever want from a theme park, exciting attractions, delicious food, beautiful scenery and killer merch. It will also have everything you'd ever want from actually being inside a Star Wars movie. Aliens, droids, the Millennium Falcon, blue milk, and of course, lightsabers. We already knew that the new land would let you build your own lightsaber, but new details about exactly how it works will make the experience even cooler than we thought, because the shop is actually designed to be a secret.

You see, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge isn't really a theme park land. It's actually the alien planet of Batuu. While the Resistance has a stronghold on Batuu, the First Order has also taken up residence, and, as you might guess, the First Order doesn't take kindly to somebody selling lightsabers. This is why the shop that sells the Jedi device is, according to the sign, actually Savi & Son Salvage. At least, that's what the sign says if you translate it from Aurebesh.

Now, you can walk into Star Traders in Tomorrowland at Disneyland and build a plastic lightsaber right now, but what's going on inside Savi's is something entirely different. A finished hilt here is going to run you somewhere around $109 and if you want to add a blade, then also add $50 to the price tag. On the plus side, however, these things will apparently be the real deal, well constructed pieces you get to mix and match to create your own custom device, likely making them worth the price for the serious Star Wars fan.

This won't be something you'll just be able to walk in and pick up either. Guests will need to sign up for build sessions ahead of time, just like you schedule to have your kid turned into a prince or princess at the Bibbidy Bobbity Boutique.

If lightsabers aren't your thing, you can instead get your own customized droid at Mubo's Droid Depot. Design your own R2 or BB unit, though one that's a bit smaller, EW says they're about the size of a coffee machine, that can be remote controlled and also receive signals from other droids in the area.

Other traditional merchandise is available from the other shops on Batuu. Dok-Ondaar's Den of Antiquities carries rare and exotic items from the galaxy far, far away. Zabaka the Toydarian has a toy shop, dolls that have been crafted by her to look like your favorite heroes of the Star Wars saga.

Black Spire Outfitters contains general clothing but both the First Order and the Resistance have dedicated shops as well so you can visit which ever one you like to dress like a member of your chosen faction.

If the ticket prices at Disneyland and Walt Disney World weren't enough to put a hole in your wallet, the gear probably will be, but since pretty much all of it won't be available anywhere else, what are you going to do, not hang a realistic lightsaber hilt from your new Jedi robes? That's what I thought.

Dirk Libbey
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