See What Zac Efron Could Look Like As Green Lantern Kyle Rayner

Warner Bros. has recently handed out some upcoming release dates for a few of its in-progress DCEU movies, including The Batman, James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad, and a planned Aquaman sequel for December 2022. There are still quite a few announced DC movies that have yet to take the next step. such as Green Lantern Corps, which will be penned by Geoff Johns. Enter digital artist Mizuri, who created an edit of Zac Efron as Emerald Knight, Kyle Rayner to try for size. Take a look:

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Wow, this looks great! The artist was inspired to fan-cast Zac Efron in Green Lantern Corps on Instagram after a recent rumor that the actor is being considered for an undisclosed role in the film. Following the rumor, fellow artist, BossLogic previously imagined Efron as Hal Jordan, but Mizuri has a different take for the 31-year-old actor to play.

Kyle Rayner is a much newer Green Lantern character than Hal Jordan, and could more easily differentiate himself from the infamous 2011 film starring Ryan Reynolds as the classic hero. Kyle Rayner first appeared in a 1994 comic, as a scrappy but talented freelance graphic artist living in Los Angeles.

He is given the last Green Lantern ring from Ganthet, who becomes the surviving Guardian after Jordan goes on a violent rampage and murders the entire Green Lantern Corps following the destruction of his hometown, Coast City. The hero dons a much different mask and costume in the comics to differentiate himself from Jordan’s Green Lantern. Take a look below at the character:

Kyle Rayner Green Lantern comic artwork

(Image credit: (DC Comics))

The addition of Kyle Rayner in Green Lantern Corps would be exciting for tons of fans, and Zac Efron could certainly pull off the look-- along with already having some impressive acting chops. Mizuri has brought about an intriguing idea for the movie in the works, though it’s unclear if Kyle Rayner is among consideration in Green Lantern Corps.

Emerald Knights Hal Jordan and John Stewart have been said to be both joining the DCEU project, though casting and little else has been confirmed for the film. Green Lantern Corps writer, Geoff Johns said the script is still in early stages of development back in summer 2018 and we’ve heard little else since.

The idea of Zac Efron joining the movie either as Hal Jordan or Kyle Rayner is an exciting possibility for the filmmakers to keep in mind as the movie hopefully moves forward.

After the actor gained popularity for his High School Musical role in 2006, he has packed on muscles for Neighbors and Baywatch. He has also taken on more meaty parts, such as playing serial killer Ted Bundy in the upcoming Netflix film Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, coming to the streaming service sometime in 2019.

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