See What Zac Efron Could Look Like As Green Lantern

After the monumental success of Aquaman over the holiday season, we’re ready more than ever for the DC Universe to expand with additional iconic superhero introductions. Warner Bros has already announced tons of projects, such as Green Lantern Corps. So naturally, fans have been dreaming up ideas for the film’s heroes Hal Jordan and John Stewart. How about Zac Efron for Jordan? Take a look:

Zac Efron as Green Lantern

Whoa, okay. Artist BossLogic makes a good case here for the 31-year-old actor to suit up as one of the DCEU’s Emerald Knights. I know photoshop is obviously at work here, but if you’ve seen Zac Efron’s look in Neighbors and Baywatch, the brawny actor could certainly pull off the superhero look.

Now that we think about it, Zac Efron isn’t a bad choice to take on the character of Hal Jordan either. The comic book character is a bit of bold and cocky Air Force pilot who becomes a Galactic Police Officer once the Green Lantern ring finds its way to him. Efron has certainly played his fair share of these types of characters while also showing off his comedic and dramatic chops. He can sing too if the role demands it… Green Lantern: The Musical anyone?

Zac Efron's current track record isn’t too different from that of Ryan Reynolds when he took on Green Lantern in 2011. He was Hollywood pretty boy best known for starring in rom-coms and action flicks before becoming the superhero. However, Reynolds’ take on Hal Jordan bombed and has been joked about for years, even by the actor himself in his most recent outing as Deadpool over the summer.

Green Lantern Corps is being penned and produced by Green Lantern comic book writer, Geoff Johns. While the film has a release date of July 24, 2020, Johns’ recent update stated the script was still in early stages of development. Considering the progression of the other DC 2020 releases, it’s doubtful Green Lantern Corps will be ready by then. Wonder Woman 1984 comes out on June 5, 2020 and has wrapped filming and Birds of Prey comes February 14, 2020 and has recently started principal photography.

So there’s still plenty of time before a Hal Jordan is cast. Will it be Zac Efron? Other actors have been attached to casting rumors and/or put in the ring by fans are Tom Cruise, Armie Hammer and John Krasinski. Zac Efron has previously been rumored to star as Nightwing in the planned live-action for Dick Grayson, however the film’s director shut them down.

The film is rumored to star both Hal Jordan and John Stewart and be an ensemble movie set that could be the first of the DCEU movies to be set in space. Keep checking back with CinemaBlend for more news concerning Green Lantern Corps and the DCEU.

Sarah El-Mahmoud
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