One Of Toy Story 4's New Characters Has A Pretty Heartbreaking Backstory

Toy Story 4 Gabby Gabby

Pixar seems determined to top the emotional gauntlet that was Toy Story 3. The newest film in the franchise, Toy Story 4, is said to have brought poor Tom Hanks to tears in the recording studio, and the film isn't pulling any punches with its new characters. The doll Gabby Gabby is voiced by Christina Hendricks, and apparently the toy has never felt the love of a child because of a factory defect.

My character Gabby Gabby is a baby doll who was sadly made with a broken voice box. Because of this defect, she has never known the love of a child or been able to fulfill her destiny to love one back. She has spent her whole life in an antique store looking out at the real world.

In addition to old favorites like Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Jessie, Toy Story 4 will feature a bunch of new toys who will either help or hinder the heroes. One of the new characters is Gabby Gabby, who looks like she's based on one of those older "talking" dolls. The first trailer for the movie seems to position her as the villain (she does have an army of ventriloquist dummies after all), but she's got a backstory that will bring you to tears.

Christina Hendricks voices the new character and she told People that Gabby Gabby has a tragically ironic origin that prevents her from doing the thing all toys are meant to do. She has a broken voice box and has thus never been loved or given love to a child. Not only that, but she lives in a boring antique shop!

It doesn't sound like the other two new characters will be as tragic as Gabby Gabby. Keanu Reeves voices Duke Caboom, a Canadian daredevil modeled after Evel Knievel. Caboom is a friend of the returning Bo Peep, and he's enlisted by Bo and Woody to help on their mission. However, he's got a fear of failure that he'll have to confront to get the job done.

The final new character is the tiniest toy in the franchise, Giggle McDimples. Voiced by Ally Maki, the one-inch Giggle is the police chief of a toy haven called Miniopolis. She's Bo Peep's best friend and a "mega boss," according to Maki.

Toy Story is known for introducing great characters, so hopes are high for these three new toys! Despite an especially rough development process, the movie looks great and we'll see if it forces us to use every tissue in the house by the time the credits roll.

Toy Story 4 is all set to hit theaters on June 21. For everything else popping up this year in theaters, check out our 2019 movie release guide.

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