See Woody And Bo Peep Together Again In First Toy Story 4 Clip

Toy Story 4 is on the way and while we won't see the actual film for several months, promotion is already apparently in full swing. This morning on Good Morning America a new clip of the film was shown which brings Woody and Bo Peep together again. While the pair have been long separated, the two work together here like it's been no time at all. Check it out below.

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Bo Peep and Woody are in a room, that appears to be Molly's, and Woody and the gang need her help in rescuing another toy who has been lost in the rain outside. It's actually hard to tell who it is that's out there but it looks like RC. Most of our major toy characters, like Buzz and Jesse and Slinky Dog, are accounted for in the room.

Not only do Woody and Bo Peep know exactly what to do, they have a code name for it and everything, but all the other toys are also familiar with "Operation Pull Toy," which I'm going to assume involves using Woody's pull string as a way for another toy to get down the wall to rescue the toy, then use the string to get pulled back up.

Annie Potts, who voices Bo-Peep, stopped by GMA where the new scene was revealed. The scene doesn't have much context so we still don't know what the ultimate adventure of Toy Story 4 will be, however, it does seem to reveal that Bo Peep may have actually been at Andy's house this whole time.

In Toy Story 3 Woody references that Bo Peep is one of several toys that have been "lost" since the events of the second film. At the time, it seemed to simply be a justification why the character would not appear in that movie, but it also seemed to imply that Bo Peep was gone from Andy's house for some undisclosed reason.

Bo Peep was actually part of a lamp that was in the room of Andy's sister Molly. The fact that the toys have apparently reunited there could indicate that Bo Peep never left the house, maybe she had been simply put in storage. Either that, or Bo Peep actually went looking for Woody and friends, and so went back to the house that she knew, of course unaware that Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the gang, all have a new owner now.

The other interesting thing is that this Bo Peep is wearing her traditional outfit that we have seen in the previous films. The version of the character we've seen in other promotional material is actually wearing something totally different, so hopefully the film will actually explain exactly how it is that a lamp can change clothes.

Toy Story 4 is hitting theaters in June.

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