Full Toy Story 4 Trailer Brings Back Bo Peep And Even Andy

After being introduced to a handful of new characters for the upcoming Toy Story 4, the only question remaining was exactly how they were all going to fit into whatever story the new movie was planning to tell. Now, with the first full trailer, we have our answers. We know how Woody and Bo Peep get reunited, and what the broader themes of the story will be. We meet even more new characters, and even get to see some old friends we didn't expect, like Andy himself. Check it out.

The trailer allows us to get to get to know the odd new toy of Forky a lot better. He's at the center of the story as Woody decides the craft project needs protection as Bonnie's favorite new toy. However, Forky doesn't feel like a toy and attempts to run away, which results in he and Woody getting separated from the rest of the group. From there we see Woody and Forky meet Bo Peep, and a collection of other interesting toys, while trying to get back to Bonnie.

Bo Peep appears to be found inside some sort of antique shop. Woody and Forky walk past her lamp and Woody instantly recognizes it. Although, the pawn shop is apparently the toy equivalent to a haunted hose, as the others toys inside it seem to be as scary as anything found inside Sid's house. Gabby Gabby is the name of the doll, voiced by Christina Hendricks. She appears to command a small army of ventriloquist dummies, which is just creepy.

What's potentially more interesting than some of the movie's new friends, is the return of a very special old one. The trailer contains a pair of flashback sequences that show Andy once again. One replays the moment from the end of Toy Story 3 where Andy gave his toys to Bonnie, but the other shows a scene of an even younger Andy playing with his toys. It's hard to tell if this part of a significant flashback sequence in Toy Story 4, but if it is, we might get to actually see some earlier events in the story that we never saw, like the loss of Bo Peep.

It wouldn't be a Pixar movie if it didn't bring the emotion and even this brief trailer has the potential to get you to feel something inside. The shot where Bonnie discovers her toys gone is already heartbreaking. I can't even imagine how I'm going to feel watching the entire film.

In addition to the new trailer, Toy Story 4 also released a new poster which brings all the characters, new and old, together. Check it out.

Toy Story 4 poster

Ultimately, Toy Story 4 is a movie about self discovery. Forky doesn't understand what he is. He's a toy, but he feels like he's supposed to be something else. Bo Peep has been abandoned for years and no longer needs a child to define her purpose. Woody, it seems, will begin to question the things he's always believed about his own existence.

Many have questioned the decision to even make a Toy Story 4, with the ending of the third film being viewed by so many as a perfect cap on the trilogy. One really has to wonder just how Pixar believed it could top that. It apparently wasn't easy. There are certainly some directions this story could go that have the potential to be as emotionally impactful as Toy Story 3, though I'm not sure I want to think about them. It's too painful.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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